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This is something I missed when I watched the movie for the first and second time. And I have no excuse. The simple and gentle symbol of 'Rose'. Have you realized that before we see old Rose, we see a real rose on her table, and then many more roses near the TV set? (only one in the vase was faded, the others were fresh) The only time roses are substituted with other flowers is when Cal is around, because she cannot open her heart to him. I watched very attentive when Rose is with her mother. The roses are there, probably saying that she loved her mother and understood her tragedy. But she will probably stop loving her when her mother boards on the boat, asking for priority for the 'first class'.

-- Dan Draghici (, January 16, 1998


That's an interesting thought, and probably right. Director's have their little quirks, and that one could be James Cameron's.

-- Dave Phillips (, January 17, 1998.

Another symbol used extensively thoroughout the movie is - hands. Jack wins a ticket onto Titanic with a poker hand, his drawings show fascination with hands, in the "flying" scene there is subtle hand play between Jack and Rose. What does it mean? Don't know.

-- Dave Cook (, January 17, 1998.

I love the foreshadowing done in this movie - ie, Jack showing Rose his sketching of Madame DeJeur (sp), the woman who sat at the bar thinking about (or waiting for) her long lost love. I think he said it appeared as if moss were gathering on her. The message is that Jack found this character pitiful and, as confirmed by his statements to Rose in the water later, he didn't want Rose to follow this lady's example once he passed. Brilliant, Cameron, absolutely brilliant.

-- Bob Gregorio (, January 18, 1998.

i believe the rose was used to represent her beauty and blooming into that beuaty which jack helped her do. the only reason they weren't there with cal is because he wanted her to stay in her bud and be supressive. she never stopped loving her mother she just gew away form her to be herself no matter what her mother made her do. rose herself is shown bloomong in how she reacts and shows herself to those she's not normally around. therefor roses are rose they bloom when allowed and shown the love the deserve

-- Jessica Bunn (, January 19, 1998.

Am I the only one who noticed that when Rose get's into the car in the cargo hold she looks directly at the roses on the wall of the car before she tells jack to take her to the stars? I think the roses stand for what they have always stood for.... love. Throughout the movie Rose is learning to love, Jack and who she is not what everyone else wants her to be.

-- Miranda Swearingen (, January 19, 1998.

Miranda, I noticed the roses in the car, too. I forgot to mention this in my question/comment. Rationally, they shouldn't be there. But there they are, as if it was an invitation to love. Roses are following their love everywhere they go. I think if Princess Diana is England's Rose, Rose is Titanic's Rose. All the Titanic souls are waiting for her to be back for the absolution.

-- Dan Draghici (, January 21, 1998.

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