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I read in the news that Titanic is number one at the box office, has the number one selling record, and that James Cameron's book on the making of Titanic will be number one on the NY Times list. Has anyone heard of this happening before with any other movie?

-- Karen (, January 16, 1998


From the latest reports that I've read (from earlier this week starting January 26th), Titanic is over $250 million in North America and $217 million in the rest of the world ("overseas").

As for a profit, it is common accounting practice in Hollywood to "cook the books" so that even successful films *never* show a profit; everyone gets rich, but the actual production never makes a dime.

There's been talk that the executives at Fox will give back Cameron his salary and profit points (which he honourably gave up); they may be forced to, just to satisfy the above requirements.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, January 30, 1998.

That's a funny question. I was just talking to my aunt about this same thing. Forgetting the soundtrack and book, the last movie that generated this much hype was Star Wars. Speaking of Star Wars, it was also predicted to fail miserably but didn't. That's pretty big company for James Cameron to keep, don't you think?

-- Dave Phillips (, January 17, 1998.

Somebody has reported that, according to TIME Magazine, 'Titanic' made $274.4 million in the US and Canada, and other $230 million in the other countries (I have not checked the info, can somebody confirm?). This means that 'Titanic' is already ahead of 'Star Wars' ($460 million) but not if we adjust the amount for inflation. However, there will be more money pouring in, as the movie just started to be shown in Europe. And then will come the tapes. I'm glad it is already in profit by any means.

-- Dan Draghici (, January 29, 1998.

Dan, that depends upon your definition of "profit." Hollywood bookkeeping is famous (or infamous) for devising ways to keep films and television shows in the red, particularly for taxes and profit participation deals. Tom T. probably knows a few horror stories :-)


-- Kip Henry (, January 30, 1998.

Good point Dave, isn't it funny how some critics seem to just want to bash the "BIG" movies just because they're "BIG", or expensive, or took a long time to make. Hell, even "Gone with the Wind" had it's critics **before** it came to theaters too. Go TITANIC!!!!

-- Caron (, January 30, 1998.

dan, NOT YET! That $460 million or so total gross of STAR WARS was for US alone (and that's total accumulation over the years...repeated showings). Anyway, I am predicting that TITANIC will earn not less than $400 million in US alone (still a record of sorts, for being the first film to rake that amount in US B.O in its first/premiere showing). worlwide, if I am not mistaken TITANIC at the rate it is going, will be the first film that will gross $1 billion.

With all of these TITANIC phenomenon not waning, TITANIC has a chance in unseating STAR WARS (who just toppled E.T last year) in its throne. I know many friends who had just seen TITANIC the first time recently. Like me, they are all planning to watch it over and over again (and maybe with other millions more).

-- ariel chavez (, February 01, 1998.

I just went for the third time this past weekend and was in shock that we had to stand in line!! (we got there early). By the time the 4:30 show (and that one was packed) was let out, the entire lobby was filled right to the doors going outside (and since no other show was playing at 8:00, they were all there for TITANIC) I, for one do not see this letting up anytime soon. My husband even mentioned, that he would go see it again, when all the "hype" and settled down. We're from a small town, and that theater was Packed!!

Unfortunetly on my third viewing, some lady arrived late with her teenage children, and chose our row to sit in, needless to say, people had to re-ajust the seating arrangements to make room for them, and then she wouldn't STOP TALKING, this is while the movie is starting!!!

I just about came out of my seat! So when I think the "HYPE" is over, the TRUE Titanic fans (like myself) may still be going, because we appreciate what the movie is, and what it stands for. The "rest" of them can go and disrupt all the other movies they want to!!

So I feel I may go one more time, when the theater is not so packed (with rude people) and be able to enjoy it more in a comfortable setting.

Has anyone else found that the type of audiences are changing slightly, to the people that are just "going" because "everyone else is going"? They seem to diminish the quality of viewing this film. I don't plan on going back until "THEY" are all gone!!!!

-- Caron (, February 02, 1998.

Just heard on NBC that domestic + international = 600m!

-- Peter Nivling (, February 02, 1998.

Just in:

as of February 5,1998 TITANIC just made the #5 highest grossing film. not too far from the #1 spot, is it?

-- M.M. (, February 05, 1998.

Already being the #4 movie in the all-time top, plus having 14 Oscar nominations "on board", "Titanic" only needs a "21 knots speed" a week, or 10.3 million dollars. At this rate, in 12 weeks, the movie can become #1.

-- Dan Draghici (, February 10, 1998.

Caron: I know! Each of the four times I have gone to see the movie I have been unfortunately positioned in front of some individual or couple who insists on doing a running commentary on the film. For example, in the third showing, I was in front of a lady with an incredibly nasal voice who commented on every special effect. Remember the scene when one of the stunt guys plummeted to the ocean, hitting a propeller along the way? I hear: "Would you just look at that guy? Oh, my GOD! Look at him falling. OUCH! That must have hurt. I can't believe that that is a real person." I felt like turning around and saying: "Would you PLEASE BE QUIET?!? It's COMPUTER ANIMATION!!!!"

-- Rose (, February 11, 1998.

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