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Does anyone know when it is going to come out on home video or dvd? I would like to know especially about dvd...

-- Matthew Johnson (msjohnson@mail.saumag.edu), January 16, 1998


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Not for a long, long, time. NBC recently bought the rights to televise it two years from now for $30 million, so the video/DVD should be released a few months prior to that. But because the movie is so long, and can't have as many showings a day, it will be in theatres a lot longer than other films. And box office ratings aren't dying either, bad news for people who can't wait for the home version of the movie.

-- Jen (jendrew@hotmail.com), January 16, 1998.

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I also have a question regarding this. I heard that there is a "Director's Cut" version (or something that sounds like that, I'm not entirely sure) that is going to be available on laserdisc, which is the entire version of the movie, without cuts, something over 4 hours long. Is this true? ALso, will this version also be available on video, since I do not own a laserdisc player? Thank you!

-- EJane (jkarary@umich.edu), January 16, 1998.

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I am a frequent visitor to the Countdown To Titanic web board and there are several variations swarming around of the release date. Almost all of them circle somewhere around the beginning of July, along with the release of a second soundtrack at that time. I have also heard from many that a director's cut will be available on DVD. It would be nice if it were also released on video, since I don't have laserdisk, but I haven't heard anything on it.

Annie :) :) :)

-- Annie (titanic16@hotmail.com), January 16, 1998.

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It would seem stupid for Cameron not to release it for sale, but less than half of all video titles are released for regular consumer sales. They actually charge video stores about $100 per copy on most films. So one could buy it anyway if they wanted to pay that much. I doubt that will happen with this one but it wouldn't hurt to bug Fox or Paramount about it if you know how to.

-- Dave Phillips (Sonitus@USA.net), January 17, 1998.

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Evita wasn't released publically on video (as least not yet) but many video stores order many copies for when it is first released and then sell off the all but a few. I checked with a number of video stores before getting on a list for buying Evita at Kroger. While Titanic is infinitly more popular then Evita was, if it is not released to the public, this might be a good source to explore.

-- Nicole Gardner (nigardne@zebu.cvm.msu.edu), January 21, 1998.

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I, too, would like to find out when Titanic will be released on Video. It stands to be the prize of my collection is I could ever find it! =) If anyone finds this information, please let me know.

-- Rebecca Fox (beckiyowee@hotmail.com), January 22, 1998.

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OK...I'm extremely interested in buying a "Director's Cut" of this movie, should it ever come out, and I've heard that it's going to. But, I've also heard it's only going to come out on Laser Disc or DVD, or something like that.... I know there are many of us out here who only have VCR's, so if anybody knows how to contact someone who knows what's going on with that, please encourage them to release the Director's cut on video. I know of several people who would purchase it, and I would love to be able to find it!!! It worked with Dances with Wolves, didn't it?? :-) Any info anyone might have can be passed on to me, I would appreciate it!!!

-- Melissa (juliet3383@aol.com), January 30, 1998.

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It just seems to be ridiculous that they wouldn't release in on video. I think 90% of the population would be left out. But, I think we have plenty of time to worry about that, I don't believe it will be in your neighborhood video store any time soon.

-- Caron (bianchi@iserv.net), January 31, 1998.

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I know that Paramount is earnestly considering releasing Titanic in DVD Format late this year. This will be their first movie to be released in DVD if plans push through.

-- Joshua Macalagay (warren.macalagay@unisys.com), March 05, 1998.

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Interesting tidbit for you Dave...the actual price that video stores pay for movies is around 60 bucks...the 100 tag is for insurance purposes and anyone dumb enough to buy a movie except Titanic before it is released for sale.

-- jastor (rooks@innernet.net), March 09, 1998.

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THE DEBATE IS OVER! PARAMOUNT IS RELEASING TITANIC ON VHS AND DVD IN SEPTEMBER!!!! GOT IT? SEPTEMBER!!!! I work for Blockbuster Video who is owned by Viacom who in turns owns Paramount! Our store has presold over 200 copies already in two days! Go to your local Blockbuster Video store and RESERVE YOUR COPY!!!!! Our price is 24.99 for VHS and 29.99 for DVD.....And no we don't pay 60 bucks a movie, it's 100 bucks for movies that sucked in theatres that don't go straight to sell thru. Titanic is going straight to sellthru SEPTEMBER 1998!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Eduardo (westsidefamily@hotmail.com), May 16, 1998.

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