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I know that "Titanic" was nominated for 8 awards and that the ceremony would be held this Sunday. For those who get to watch it LIVE ... "Argh! I'm so jealous!" It'll probably be 2000 before I can watch it here in Malaysia. But anyhow, could you people please tell me how it went ... the results and all ? Thanks !

-- Jamie (, January 16, 1998


Hopefully some kind soul will remember your post when we're all celebrating the SWEEP, but if not, (CNN) or (Mr. Showbiz) should have the answers quickly after they're announced. Heck, they'll probably have the answers before half of North America sees it in person!

-- Jen (, January 16, 1998.

Just a thought I had ... At the rate Titanic is going, I think if the movie doesn't win all 8 awards during the ceremony ... all of us would be cursing the Awards later on. Er, is it just me or what ?

-- Jamie (, January 16, 1998.

Titanic won Half of the awards they were nominated for. It won the following: Best musical score, best original song (My Heart Will Go on), best director, and most important of all BEST DRAMATIC MOVIE!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! however, it also lost four other nominations inclueding best actor and best actress, best screenplay and best supporting actress (Gloria Stuart aka old Rose)

-- Miranda Swearingen (, January 19, 1998.

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