Wait ? {Was this word overused in the film?}

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One thing I noticed in the movie was this particular word that both Jack and Rose used quite frequently. The word's "Wait!"... I don't know about you guys but is it just me or what ? :o)

-- Jamie (d9733954@helios.usq.edu.au), January 16, 1998


Response to Wait ?

hmm, i dunno.. i know there was a time theme through out the movie, and it might be possible that jack and rose wanted to stop time (ya know, perfect moments that you wish could last forever) so they kept proclaiming "wait." it is also possible that the dialogue was just bad.. and please understand that i did like the movie, its emotional impact was that of the magnitude of the ship, and it masterfully displayed an ideal i hold very dear, but the dialogue was not very good. i suppose this was done as to make the movie more accessible.. anyway, thats my two cents..

-- Jordan Gray (Yek401@mailexcite.com), January 16, 1998.

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