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I know a lot of you have been able to access the actual TITANIC movie script from other websites. I actually did find a site that contained the script, but it was in a "zipped script" format and after downloading it, I wasn't able to convert it into a language my system would understand. Would any of the lucky people who have copies of the script be willing to send one to me, if I supply you with a large postage paid envelope?? Let me know if we can work something out. I would love to own a copy!

-- Jen Alexander (, January 15, 1998


Check out this site:

It has a script dated May 7, 1996.

-- Dave Phillips (, January 16, 1998.

Wow!!! I just got it on and what a site it is!!! Enjoy.

-- arnold franken-major (n/a), January 16, 1998.

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