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The City of West Palm Beach, FL is putting together guidelines for murals to be submitted to the Mayor's Office. Anyone who has suggestions of what should (or should not) be included please email me. thanks

-- Bea Fox (, January 15, 1998


I mural should be designed, painted, maintained by the community where it is being created. It should reflect the quality of life the community want. Any profession should only be an advisor. This is the expereience I have gained through doing 53 murals world. Doing it this way means the community is proud of its creation, it will not be damaged and will be maintained.

-- Andrew Crummy (, June 06, 1998.

I recommend you contact the Philadelphia Department of Recreation's Mural Arts Program. It has been incredibly successful and has been in operatio for years. It is run by Jane Golden. they may have a website, or their number can be found by calling the dept of rec.

-- (, February 08, 1999.

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