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When did James Cameron start writing the Rose and Jack part? What were his inspirations and influences? Help me please!!!

-- arnold franken-major (n/a), January 15, 1998


In 1985, after the making of the Abyss with deep sea submersables was when he knew he wanted to do a Titanic movie. It took a few years for him to schedule the dives and the script was changing throughout the filming. Set construction started on May 31, 1996. Exactly 85 years after the real Titanic's hull was launched in Belfast Harbour. I don't know when Jack and Rose became part of the script, but Cameron knew he wanted this to be a love story from near the beginning of it all.

-- Jen (, January 15, 1998.

I found a script dated May 7, 1996. Several things were different from the final cut but it was interesting to read even still. If you want to read it check out this site:

There are a few typos, and I'm not entirely sure if they are Cameron's or from the guy who posted the script. Anyhow, enjoy!

-- Dave Phillips (, January 16, 1998.

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