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How much money has this film made in other countries? Which languages has it been/will it be dubbed into? I know it was dubbed into French. Is it just as popular as a dubbed flick?

-- Bob Gregorio (, January 14, 1998


News article

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, January 21, 1998.

(from Yahoo! news) Tuesday January 27 8:22 AM EST

Titanic Passes $200 Million Overseas

By Mark Woods

SYDNEY (Variety) - Titanic broke the $200 million mark at the foreign box office last weekend to dock at $217 million six weeks into its voyage. The picture took in $50.7 million from 32 territories.

James Cameron's epic opened in Britain with a top-spot $8 million, sending Boogie Nights (foreign total: $3.1 million), Devil's Advocate and The Jackal down 25%, 45% and 39% respectively.

Titanic also sailed into top spot in Denmark, Greece (setting a national record) and Bolivia with $622,350, $609,429 and $93,325, respectively. At the same time, the boat picture became the highest grosser of all time, and in record time, in Mexico and Hong Kong with $10.2 million and $8.2 million amassed in 25 and 39 days respectively, jettisoning previous record holder Jurassic Park.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, January 27, 1998.

I think it depends on the country. Some will be dubbed, but I think it would be much better if they used sub-titles. I once watched "The Longest Day" dubbed in French while in France and it's just not the same as the natural language (English.) I've never watched a dubbed film which I felt comfortable with. On the other hand I have watched a good many movies which have been sub-titled and after a while it becomes quite natural. Evidently the French don't like sub-titled movies. I would be most interested to see if the movie plays in Russia where the two subs which I believe were in the film. Anyone know of that answer?

-- Richard Wendt (, January 14, 1998.

The official Paramount Titanic website ( has a listing of international release dates.

-- Kip Henry (, January 16, 1998.

Titanic is scheduled to play on over 120 countries(Ithink that is right). anyway it is going to be everywhere.

-- Nikki (, January 20, 1998.

The film has just opened in the UK (1/23/98). I've checked some UK newspaper websites (notably The Times and the Guardian) and the reviews there have been lukewarm at best.

-- Kip Henry (, January 24, 1998.

I saw on Entertainment Tonight the other day that they have added narration into the movie for people who are blind and there are subtitles for the deaf.

-- Allison (, February 08, 1998.

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