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Hi, Instead of answering many e-mail questions about how the displays appear, etc., feel free to use this online demo of S-Mart and follow these items; 1 - Use your proper e-mail address at all times and you will receive all e-mail generated by the system to that address. 2 - If you use the site manager script and change headers, please return the file to header.shtmlx when you are finished playing. You can't upload ads for the header because a separate script runs that. 3 - Note that the scripts have been set to use UK taxation requirements - easy to return to USA regs. 4 - The database generated audio is inactive - the generated video works but is Startrek at around 1.2 Mb. 5 - All extra features from public perl scripts. 6 - Great original S-Mart scripts and this is just my idea of what can be done with them. The original author should be regarded as the source of wisdom, not me :) 7 - Access the demo S-Mart web store at... http://webforums.net/cgi-bin/001/001.cgi?command=showstore 8 - Other stuff will change from day to day as I play. 9 - Enjoy - Posted with appropriate credits to Barry Robison. Bi, Beep

-- Bruce Davidson (bruce@allied.demon.co.uk), January 13, 1998


Very Nice!!!

-- Tom (tom@haddonfield.com), January 13, 1998.


I liked what you did. Are you going to make your version of the scripts available?


-- Travis Bernritter (travis@tber.com), January 14, 1998.

Hi Travis, Yes - I don't mind passing on the scripts which were free in the first place - they still carry Barrys copyright alone.

If there are no objections, I'll put script snippets on our BBS which you can see in the demo S-Mart area. http://www.webforums.net/.

Best thing is - use the demo - figure out what we are doing then ask for a snippet on how did we do this or that.


-- Bruce Davidson (bruce@allied.demon.co.uk), January 15, 1998.

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