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I just read that Kate Winslet will be on Jay Leno Tuesday, January 20. On Wednesday, Leonardo DiCaprio will be on Letterman but it'll be an interview from 4/17/95 (ugh, this is the top box office movie for four weeks, can't LdC do an interview NOW?) Does anyone know of other interviews for the actors in this movie? Can't get enough of it!

-- Jen (, January 13, 1998


Kate Winslet will be on Rosie O'Donnell, Tuesday, the 13th of January. Also, she will be on The Tonight Show on the 20th. (from 9251)

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, January 13, 1998.

Thanks for the info Jen! I've been scouring the newspapers, magazines and tv listings, trying to locate interviews with either Leo, Kate or James Cameron. I can't wait to watch the Golden Globes this Sunday night. Titanic is up for 8 or 9 awards including Best Picture, and Best Actor, Actress, soundtrack (I think), costumes, etc.. You can bet I will have my fingers crossed for my all-time favorite movie!

-- Jen Alexander (, January 13, 1998.

Today's Oprah (Jan 20th) is about Titanic. I saw a commercial for it and James Cameron will be on the show. I'm not sure if the actors will be on it, but I wouldn't doubt it!

-- Kerri (, January 20, 1998.

I heard that Leonardo will be on Entertainment Tonight March 2.

-- Kerri (, March 02, 1998.

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