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On one of the other websites, Kate Winslet is considered by some to be "Rubenesque". I think she's rather thin. What do you think?

-- Laura Cormier (, January 13, 1998


Oh, God how I wish you were right!!! She is absolutely thick and gorgeous, of course, but to today's titanic society she is far from "thin"!!! Let's all say a big thick prayer that she will always stay true to herself and keep those soft, strong, lovely round curves. Her arms are God!!!

-- nina webb (n/a), January 13, 1998.

I wouldn't call her Rubenesque, but she's no Twiggy either. I think she looks great just the way she is. Ruben's girls had rolls and were quite chunky. How dare someone call Kate Rubenesque! Definitely came from the mouth of some immature guy who never had a girlfriend and has this idealized image of a woman (or shall I say 12 year old pre-pubescent girl.)

-- Jen (, January 13, 1998.

I think she looks very nice. I think this whole discussion about her physical proportions is a bit much, personally.

-- Richard Wendt (, January 13, 1998.

On the plane of my opinion, any heterosexual male interested in fullfilling the ultimate fantasy of sincere love and physical harmony, or any female (orientation flexible) who wishes to acheive ideal material and outward allure should take close notice to Kate Winslet's physical proportions and manner in this grand production. First, her bosom is that of woman ready to feed healthy proginy, so as to pass on her genes, in a fashion to the likings of a eugenicist, to the sampled gene pool. Furthermore, this vuluptuous portion of her body, or as it has been stated "rubenesque," adds exactly what most matured males seek in frontal attraction--diplaying fully the movement of breasts to the front of our spieces as courtship changed from a rear-approach ritual to a frontal method. This aspect of her body exemplifies the overall shape she bears: perpectly proportioned, strong. The heorine look, combined with a drape of innocence. From her perfect waist--hip ratio to her proud posture, she sets an example for us all. And her most important features, captured in the face of this angel, need little support. Finished with the long, silky, rich auburn hair, every aspect of her delivers the ultimate physique, a female David, sculpted with God's finest tools. In short, she is a reproductive genie.

-- Maverick (, January 13, 1998.

Kate is hot, man. She is a lot better looking than most of those damn twiggy, anorexic looking Kalvin Klein models who couldn't pass for 10 years old. She's got substance. She has a sophisticted look. She looks like a real person. Call it what you want--that's attractive.

-- Jack (, January 13, 1998.

Hrmmmm.... She makes my dingy feel springy. She makes my ladle spill. My 11th finger itches now. I have to go to the bathroom.

-- elmo (, January 14, 1998.

Check a Rubens painting, and you will see a BIG difference, but if "Rubenesque" means beautiful soft curves, then yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Kate Winslet has brought the ideal back to Earth. The skinny thing is a by-product of overemphasis on logic and reason, not enough passion and feeling. In this age of transformation, (look at how we can discuss our favorite movies with the world, and tell me we are not squirming in the cocoon)this film is setting the mark, and Kate's full figure is a perfect symbol of following one's own self instead of the culturally correct image. Thank you Kate for being so comfortable with a real body, and thank you James Cameron for allowing her to be so beautiful.

-- arnold franken-major (n/a), January 14, 1998.

I'm biased (reason - I'm nowhere near supermodel thin), but I think Kate Winslet is beautiful and should be proud of her body the way it is and while she isn't supermodel thin, she is still slim by decent standards. By the way, I asked the men of my family for their opinion and they pretty much think she's "da bomb," "she's real," "she's a babe," etc. and that models today are too thin anyway. (Maybe they are just saying that to make me feel better, but then again, they rarely say things just to make me feel better so I think they are stating their true opinions.) So, if Kate Winslet is "Rubenesque" then I wish I were "Rubenesque" too.

-- Stacey (, January 18, 1998.

Kate Winslet is very beautiful. It was so nice to see such an elegant woman in a leading role, rather than the ultra-thin anorexic-type actresses idolized by Hollywood and Madison Avenue. Whether or not she is "Rubenesque" is debatable. However, what is not debatable is the fact that she is one of the most attractive and talented actresses of this generation.

-- William E. Phillips (, January 24, 1998.

Look, who cares??? SHE'S AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, INCREDIBLY TALENTED, and she's got a wonderful sense of humor and personality, she's perfect, in every way

-- Me again (, January 27, 1998.

I can't believe that Kate's performance is being tainted by these idiotic remarks. Kathy Bates exeplifies 'Rubenesque' more than Kate ever will. These two women took part in one of the most moving, haunting films I have ever seen, whether 120 or 300 pounds. Whatever shallow, pathetic man made that comment on that website, never fully understood what this movie was about, or for, and must have spent the entire three hours staring at bosoms. Get a Life! Titanic will never be reduced to the size of the actors.

-- Beth (, February 07, 1998.

Beth, how do you know that a man made that comment? I know that it's become fashionable today to blame "the patriarchy" for poor body-image among women (or "womyn" as you might prefer), but try not too be judgemental of individual men (or "pigs" as you might prefer). Women, believe it or not, can be just as shallow as men. A few men can even manage to think with their large head. As for Kate, she's very attractive, cellulite and all. I'd love to "show her my etchings" sometime. Oink, Oink.

-- Dan Dalton (DDa, February 14, 1998.

Kate is great and she said so herself. Something about "Life is short and it's here to be lived." Dan, I agree with you that Beth was wrong in assuming it was a man (although she has a 50/50 chance at being right) but don't you think you were a little harsh?

-- A. (, June 13, 1998. it is. Though I am a straight woman, I nearly JUMPED FOR JOY right out of my seat when I first saw this movie and Kate's nude scene came up. Her breasts were where they should've been...ON HER CHEST rather than ON TOP OF HER THROAT. They moved, they had stretch marks. THEY WERE REAL. What a relief to see a real breast in a film rather than something so surgically enhanced that if you took a pin to it it would fly the owner's body all over the room like a deflating baloon!!! She had curves, she had hips. I couldn't believe my eyes. I suddenly knew (as a naturally voluptuous girl) that there was hope for me in the entertainment world! Men...PAY ATTENTION: NOTHING will give you more pleasure than what God Himself made Eve to be. Celebrate nature...I beg you.

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, August 04, 1998.

I don't see how anyone could find Kate Winslet chubby after watching her in Titanic. She's perfect, with womanly curves in all the right places. Being a curvy gal myself (though not nearly as much as Kate "up-top") I was glad to see a realistic leading lady, not one of those skinny things that seem to be so popular at the moment (think Gwyneth Paltrow, she could sure use some meat on them bones).

-- Emma (, August 09, 1998.

Agreed, Emma. Also...considering that the camera puts on 15 lbs or so, the girl probably IS a waif!

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, August 09, 1998.

Enough already! So she's a bit heavy - who cares? Haven't any of you gals seen that Special K commercial (the one with the guys obsessing about their bodies like women)? It DOES point out how ridiculous you sound. Men are going to like what they like, regardless of what they see in the media - don't worry about it. At least you don't have to worry about going bald....

-- Dan Dalton (, August 09, 1998.

Hmm... One part pottasium nitrate. One part fuel oil.... Boooooom!!!!!

-- Dan Dalton (, August 09, 1998.

See, Dan...right there is your problem. She's not by ANY standards "heavy", and for you to say she is just proves to me and everyone else on this board that you have been spoonfed society's bullsh-- and willingly swallowed. It's attitudes like that that cause bulimia, anorexia and obsessive-compulsive overeating disorders in this world. It makes me very sad.

Yes, I've seen the Special K commercial, and I love it.

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, August 10, 1998.

To be honest with you all I actually do think that Kate Winslet is Rubenesque! But that is exactly why I like her! I also love Christina Ricci because she is very Rubenesque as well! I don't like all those really ugly thin actresses who think it is so cool to be really skinny! A couple of people that I hate because they are so skinny are Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Claire Danes and the list goes on and on! I like girls who are plump as a partridge!

-- Eileen Arzuman (, September 08, 2001.

Being skinny myself, this is hard to say. i like my body, but i also believe in appreciating what you're given. yes, i do hate those fake rubber tits and stomachs made out of ribs, and i think Kate Winslet is extremely lucky to have such a beautiful, curvy bod like that! my friend was saying how much she hates her curves and when i told her she looked like Kate, she was really pleased! she said in an interview that she was 'fat' as a child. well, now she knows what it's like to be 'fat' and to have a beautiful body that many envy. she's not 'Rubenesque' but she's got the flesh and the curves which in my opinion are much more appealing than sharp boney elbows!

-- amz (, July 13, 2002.

I don't think Kate Winslet is rubenesque. I think she has a softer look to her .It is nice to see someone out there not starving their self to become famous .I have been told many times that I look like her.What an honor it was to me ..of course I am alot plumper than she will ever be . But , what a lovely truly elegant sophisticated lady . She has a nude scene in a movie called Hideously Kinky . The only thing I can say about her she is LOVELY!

-- (, May 19, 2003.

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