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Is anyone using Tmax rs 1:9 with Tmax 100 in 120 format? If so what would be a good starting time for small tank developing ? I've heard the John Sexton is using this combo and getting great results but you know how rumors are !!!

-- joeyb (, January 12, 1998


I don't know how true the rumors are about John Sexton using 120 lately. When I did a workshop with him a couple of years ago he did not own any medium format cameras, although he was preparing to go out of the country for some lectures and wanted to bring medium format instead of large format, so he very well maybe using 120. John's starting development time for T-Max 100 and T-max RS 1:9 in a small tank is 10.5 Min. @ 75 F. I personally like T-Max roll films developed in PMK developer. Negatives from this combination are noticeably sharper and have better tonal qualities. Before I started using PMK my black and white work was limited to large format to obtain the quality I like, but since I started using PMK I can get acceptable quality from 35mm and 120. I still use T-Max RS for my large format work, it is more controllable and sharpness and tonal quality are not a problem.

-- Jeff White (, January 14, 1998.

I apologize if I made it sound like Mr. Sexton was using 120 , that was not my intent ! Only that he is using Tmax film and the Tmas rs developer . I appreciate the starting times for this process . I have a friend using this combo also in 4X5 with a JOBO drum processer and getting rave reviews from the local clubs . He gave me his starting times but my process (i.e. small tank) is so far remove I thought I should inquire .

-- joey b. (, January 23, 1998.

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