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On Saturday 1-10-98 the RMHA Board passed the breeding guidelines for the 1998 & 1999 seasons. These articles will be posted in the NGN website as soon as possible. They are targeting Monday 1-12-98 to get them on line. There were a very few changes made in the original proposals, mostly the terminolgy or numbers that were incorrect were changed. As soon as these are made they will be posted. There was also a motion passed for $5,000.00 more to be donated to the research fund to cover the costs of the backlog of paperwork on the horses tested this fall to be completed. This check was given to Steve Autry at the meeting to foward to Dr. Ramsey. The RMHA has progressed very well since September when the results were first received. There is still a long way to go and much funding to be aquired to continue on with this work. Please check out the NGN web pages for the approved guidelines.

-- Carol Fred (, January 12, 1998

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