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I am not sure about this, but I believe that the lifeboats recovered from the Titanic were "recycled" to other ships. Does anyone know what eventually happened to them? It would be interesting if one were still in existance but I doubt it.

-- Peter Nivling (, January 11, 1998


Response to Lifeboats

Hi Peter:

Nobody knows for sure what happened to Titanic's lifeboats after the sinking.

What is known is that the Carpathia took aboard as many of Titanic's boats as they could hold, and set the rest adrift (mostly the collapsibles). When Carpathia reached New York, they off-loaded the Titanic's lifeboats at the White Star pier. Over the next day or so, White Star personnel set to work removing Titanic's nameplates from the boats. After that, they disappear from history.

It is thought that these lifeboats were returned to Southampton, England, and may have been used on Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic. But there are no formal records of this.


-- Kip Henry (, January 12, 1998.

Hi I would say that this question has nothing to do with me I just wanted to say hi! one of us have a lifeboat in our basement. we do believe it is lifeboat 12.

-- Megan Hegler&Nicole White ( &, December 19, 2002.

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