Where did Rose live during her life?

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The following is taken from the script. "I traced her as far back as the 20's... she was working as an actress in L.A. Her name was Rose Dawson. Then she married a guy named Calvert, moved to Cedar Rapids, had two kids. Now Calvert's dead, and from what I've heard Cedar Rapids is dead. " So she was living in Philadelphia, went to England for an engagement honeymoon (?); after surviving the disaster, went to L.A., moved to Cedar Rapids (Iowa, I assume)(looks like 5 hour drive from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin), then..moved back to L.A.? Please confirm/correct.

-- Bob Gregorio (rgregori@pacbell.net), January 11, 1998


I am pretty sure that she was living in Philadelphia, then went to England with Cal for a vacation of some sort. After the disaster, she went and did all the things that her and Jack had talked about, i.e, riding a horse in the surf, riding a rollercoaster, then she moved to Cedar Rapids and that is where she stayed. I don't think that she ever went to Chippewa Falls unless I missed something in the movie.. I hope that this helped.


-- Kristen Hill (kristenh@ecst.csuchico.edu), January 12, 1998.

Kristen, I wasn't saying she moved to Chippewa Falls, just that it is located near Cedar Rapids. It looked to me that she moved back to L.A. after her husband died, probably to live with her daughter or granddaughter. From the view out her window in the beginning, it looks like L.A. to me.

-- Bob Gregorio (rgregori@pacbell.net), January 12, 1998.

In the back of the Titanic Book (film book) is a set picture of Cameron and Ms. Stuart (Old Rose) The caption said something about Malibu.

-- Crystal Smithwick (crystal@9v.com), January 13, 1998.

Er, one very puzzling question from me. I thought she didn't ever want to see nor hear from Cal again (well, least according to the screenplay) so what was she doing in England with Cal? Well, even though we don't really know if she went to Chippewa Falls, guess if we were her, we would have gone to see how Jack lived his days before he went travelling. Wouldn't you?

-- Jamie (d9733954@mail.connect.usq.edu.au), January 19, 1998.

Present day Rose lived in Ojai, California. A beautiful area about 100 miles north of LA and about 40 miles in from the coast. It is near Santa Rosa and is one of California's gems.

-- Linda Davis (Ashokan@Ulster.net), January 20, 1998.

ok, how about this scenario: -Rose ended up in NYC after the disaster-re:Statue of Liberty -accidently found the jewelry but , of course, she kept that one til the end. but also found loads of cash stashed in the coat pocket-if you could recall Cal took all the cash from the safe and stuffed it in his coat pocket--she used it. -since she was in NYC she became an actress-broadway bound -met Calvert -moved to Cedar Rapids to get away from the hustle and bustle of NYC and there she settled and have a couple of kids to boot.

-- M.M. (masima@earthlink.net), January 25, 1998.

No - remember - Cal tried to use that money to get on a lifeboat, Mr. Murdoch eventually ended up throwing the money at him and it just fell all over the place

-- Andrea!~ (ExMusic@AOL.com), January 27, 1998.

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