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It has been suggested that AI might be much more in demand in the future, as a tool for implementing "responsible breeding practices". Marcia has offered to share knowledge that she has, and given us permission to post the following message. If we can get enough information, we'll do a web page on it. Ray & Alex

For the past 7 years I have been breeding my mares with the method of Artificial Insemenation. This is not frozen semen, but cooled. I am going to give the information from the mare's end (no pun) and not the stallions as that is where I was. When I first bought my RM's the closest stallion was about 2,000 miles away and shipping the mare for breeding was not an option for me, but AI was. I found that the first thing that is necessary is a vet that has knowledge and equipment necessary for AI. I had to check about three before I found one who was comfortable with the process and had an ultrasound machine (they are expensive). The vet will check the mare for the position of the egg.

The range of size is about 1 to 5 cc, with 1 as the very start (and probably not able to feel it) to 5 which is very large and off the scale (except for one of my mares). The normal range for a mare to drop her egg or ovulate is about 3.5 to 4.0. The trick, if you choose to do this, is to get the semen to be delivered live and be inserted into the mare at just the hours she is going to drop the egg. The range of 3.5 to 4.0 is about a day and a half depending of the weather, condition of the mare (physically and mentally). If she ovulates you still have a window of l2 hours......but in the meantime the semen is (on an average) good for about 72 hours if all has been handled properly. If she was inseminated during the end of her cycle and ovulated while the semen was still have a foal on the way!! Of course this is the same proceedure for live breeding, but I feel that at least with the mare being checked frequently, you really have a heads up on what is going on with her. I can not tell you how many times I paced the floor l8 days later when the vet came with the ulta sound machine to tell me if we were in foal or not....I had some in right away and some not.

I purchased a Hamilton-Thorn shipping container which is, according to my vet, the only way to ship semen. Usually the stallion owner (or his vet) will have containers, but if the stallion owner is not using a large clinic, they may not. I purchased my own because sometimes you need one shipment and then another if the mare does not ovulate in her anticipated window. The phone number for Hamilton-Thorn is 1 800-323-0503 and they can answer questions about the containers or sell you one (I think). At last check they were about $250.00. I would be glad to answer any qestions on open forum or individually. or 360 264-4042

-- Marcia Moreth (, January 07, 1998

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