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You know the part when Jack greets Rose coming down the staircase with a kiss on the hand, and he says "I saw that in a Nickelodeon once, and I always wanted to do it." I don't understand that Nickelodeon thing.

-- Nicole Hall (, January 06, 1998


Before there was TV.... Before there were movies...

There was Nickelodeon.

A Nickelodeon machine presented a primitive "movie" to the viewer when they looked into it and turned a crank. The machine worked by flipping cards containing the images into view in rapid succession. The machine was coin operated. That is where the nickel comes in.

The Nickelodeon itself was like an video game arcade of today. Rows of machines that the customer could choose from.

-- Lynn Macey (, January 07, 1998.

A "nickelodeon" is 5cent movie people went to see. It wasnt as long as a movie thought :)

-- Emily (, January 26, 2004.

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