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The issue with the two XL-1's with regard to the strange vertical pattern goes on unanswered by Canon. The model numbers of the XL-1's are 0000341 & 0000453 of the manufactured ones I got. Now considering since they are over a hundred apart and still have the image issue, makes me believe that this is a production problem. I have worked with all types of video systems and can tell you this is a real issue. I have brought in 6 of my best peolpe and pointed it out and they all can see it. We have tested it in different buildings and many different monitors. The pattern is there, but if you didn't know to look for it, or all your material is in bright lighting , it is not as apparent to the viewer. Now I didn't see it until it was on a 32" Sony and ever since then I have been able to see on all monitors because I know what to look for. This is a problem that Canon must correct. If this is a problem with the first productions runs off the line then Canon should recall all of them and swap with corrected one's. I will try best to describe the problem once again. In the image is what appears to be on the very surface ,looking almost like it's a solid frozen grid on the image. It's as if you have put a screen in front of the lens but took out all the horizontal crossings but left the verticals lines intact. It moves with your image in place not jarring at all as if it was penciled in over the chips. It has a very transparent look to it, probably the reason that in bright scenes it is less likely to be seen. I believe we are either looking at a CCD problem, AD coveter or DV codec chips issue. To me I would think it would be the chips. Many of you that have spoken with me and have read my pieces know that I know what I'm talking about. I have been in this Biz for almost 17 years and have what I believe is one of the best eyes around. I have called Mike Zorich, Joe Bogacz and Tim Smith and left messages for them about this issue. I recommend that no one at this time buy the XL-1 until I can get the issue figured out with Canon. For the money we are paying we shouldn't have this issue. I have owned 4 broadcast cams and about 6 consumer ones including the VX-1000 and never have seen anything like this before, so it's a real one. Michael Pappas Arrival Entertainment Pictures

-- Michael Pappas (, January 06, 1998


As has been posted in other locations, Canon has now addressed the "lines" issue, thanks in no small part to Michael's public disclosure of the problem. In simple terms, the lines - visable in varying degrees on SOME cameras - were created by electronic noise in the camera circuitry... Canon says it has corrected the problem by adding another part and is aggressive about helping anyone with the first xl1 cameras.

It's a good sign, I think, of a company that is concerned about its customers - and the future of this leading-edge product.

-- Jon Okerstrom (, February 10, 1998.

As an owner of an XL1 Ser. #300 something, and a professional photographer for 25 years having shot with everything from 8x10 to broadcast Betacam, I have not noticed any low light streaks but I am experiencing 1) hiss/white noise whenever any audio input from any source is laid to tape. It is noticible when recording in any quiet, studio - quality ambient sound conditions,sorta like early oxide audio cassete quality hiss. Not noticible when ambient sound level is omnipresent, eg the street or a crowd. I tested another sub Ser.#500 camera for hiss and it was present. It makes shooting quiet musical passages or voices quite difficult - certainly not CD quality!; 2) Also sharpness is mediocre to poor when shooting trees and sky or any moderately detailed scenes; 3) Large yellow blobs in the viewfinder which appeared suddenly one day (they don't affect the recorded image.) Have you encountered or heard of similar problems from anyone else? Thanks for your early perceptive review and strong stand on this camera. Jim Lemkin, Horse Mountain Studio

-- Jim Lemkin (, March 16, 1998.

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