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Well, I'm making progress with S-Mart...

However, it would help if someone would confirm and/or clarify the bit about how vendors collect orders. Right now, in my test setup, the script is emailing the orders to both the vendor and the customer, and the email includes the credit card information. Now I'm told that with smartrack.cgi the order is also written to the track.db file on the server, and the smartdadmin.cgi script reads this file, and that this is a security concern and Barry is working on it. So does this mean that at present there is no way other than email for the vendors to receive their orders?

Please advise ... do I have the complete picture?

Is there an easy way to modify the script so the customer doesn't see their cc info in the email acknowledgement?

-- Bob Orr (, January 06, 1998


Use the 'exclude' tag to specify fields that you do not want echoed to the customer.

-- Barry Robison (, January 09, 1998.

If you use the exclude tag, you don't get the cc number e-mailed to the vendor as well.

Is the only way to avoid letting your customer receiving orders is to prevent sending mail order verification?


-- Lance Nakamura (, June 15, 1999.

You could modify the part of sending email. Only let what you want to be send to your customer. It require a little bit time to modified the script.

-- Lee (le@te.ll), January 04, 2000.

I think the point of this inital question was lost ...

S-Marts real draw back is that there is no way to view the order in smartadmin. The only way to see what the order actually was is to look at the email that is sent.

Has anyone out there reworked the smartadmin to include the order? That would be real killer. Or could someone write in a save feature to keep all the emailed files in a folder, with the order number as the file name and a link from smartadmin. Does this make sense? Then at any time you could view what the actual order was. Sometimes workin in different locations, this can get mes

-- John Webber (, March 26, 2000.

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