I Love You ! {Does Jack every say this?}

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Okay, someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Jack ever told her that he loved her. Of course we all know he did but I think he should have said it atleast once.

-- Tiffany Smith (dsdahl@guymon.tebtc.com), January 05, 1998


Response to I Love You !

I don't think he did say it or....maybe he did. I can't remember. But he didn't kiss her one more time before the ship went down. The last time he kissed her was when he was handcuffed down on E deck.. And I kept waiting for the last kiss, but it never happened.

-- Annie (titanic16@hotmail.com), January 05, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

How funny that we all notice the same things. I also noted the fact that he never said (out loud) that he loved her. At the end, she tells him, "I love you," and that's when he says, "No, Rose, don't say your good-byes," and goes into the speech about her living a long, full life. But again, of course we know he did. It almost makes the movie a little more...original (?), the fact that they didn't rely on those obvious words. They instead focused on "showing" us that he loved her.

About the last kiss...the last actual time he kisses her (although it is on the forehead), is when the ship is sinking and they are clinging on and she says, "this is where we first met," (another one of the best movie lines). He then clutches her closer and kisses her forehead sort of feverishly. It is this line that seems to make his resolve to save them even stronger. I think the fact that, in all that turmoil, she was still able to mention something positive, made him love her all the more. (I'm really getting in-depth now...)

-- Jen Alexander (jmalexade@mofo.com), January 05, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

No, Jack never told Rose he loved her. Yes, of course it would have been great for a last kiss, but Jack was pretty frozen. I bet his lips were numb or something. I mean they just had sex and kissed forever and a half, I think they did plenty of kissing, and yes, we do know Jack loved Rose even though he never said so. Actions speak louder than words.

-- Heather (ClickyLove@aol.com), January 05, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

Jack said earlier in the weight room that he didn't want Rose to lose that part about her that he loved. This was when she said they shouldn't see each other anymore and that he was afraid if she got married she would lose that part of her.

-- GT (tuckerg@cinstate.cc.oh.us), January 05, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

Jack never expressed in actual words that he loved Rose like she did to him.. He never actually said, "I love you".. But he did say that winning the ticket was the best thing that ever happened to him and he was thankful for that... When you love someone enough it is not always necessary to express it in words and I think that Jack being a free spirited guy knew that and he expressed it through his actions.

The last time he kissed her, it was on her hand when he was making her promise that she would "never let go"

-- Kristen Hill (kristenh@ecst.csuchico.com), January 12, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

I think that I can speak for everyone else in saying of coarse he said he loved her!!! He never said " Ilove you" but if you look at the actions in the whole movie and all the things he DID say, it all bils down to one thing. I love you!!!! Thats just my opinion!!!

-- Ginger H. Castillo (lincolnabes@hotmail.com), January 12, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

Well I am a VERY emotional person and probably a sappy romantic. Yet in Titanic (which is now my favorite movie), I think that it was better that Jack didnt say I love you because society has made that term a cliche and has over used that term so that the word "love" has become almost meaningless when you say "i love you".... Therefore without using "I love you" you see that he DOES love her and doesnt have to show it by saying those 3 words...it makes it more powerful and meaningful in the story. It probably made me cry even more... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

-- MJ (love1028@aol.com), January 12, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

To all who want anything even close to what Jack and Rose have.......READ THE NOTE ABOVE ME THREE TIMES!!! Amen, my friend. If "saying I Love You" is proof of love, then you are brainwashed and dominated by the Left Brain. Quit the headgames, and get real. Real love like Rose and Jack's DOES NOT NEED PROOF... and I promise you it is possible and it is real.

-- arnold franken-major (n/a), January 14, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

When Rose told him he loves him, I thought she's going to tell her tha too. So I waited and waited, but it never happened. I was disppointed.

-- Colleen (Colleendi@earthlink.net), January 22, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

Actually, I don't need to have Jack say 'I love you" to Rose. It was more than apparent to me he did love her. You see it in his face when he realizes that he is not going to fit on that panel ...he had to save her above himself...

If that ain't love....

Cameron is a genius

-- Connie Ostlund (sorka@teleport.com), January 26, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

Did Jack say "I love you" to Rose? Well, we don't really know WHAT he said inside that car, do we?... :-)

-- Renee Pearson (rpearson@compuserve.com), January 26, 1998.

Response to I Love You !

It was so apparent that he loved her, he didn't need to rely on words to express it, he gave his life for her ... he saved her in every way a person can be saved...that's true love...and it doesn't need to be said out loud, it's expressed through actions...I just wish that we were more like that nowadays, actually showing love, instead of uttering it with "I Love You"

-- Andrea!~ (ExMusic@AOL.com), January 27, 1998.

Jack never said "I love you, Rose in simple, plain words, but, as GT said above, Jack subtly said in his speech to Rose in the gym "...Soon, that fire that I love about you, Rose, that fire is gonna burn out."

-- Bethany (beth@hotmail.com), February 08, 2002.

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