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i was wondering did kate winslet findit difficult to get naked for the movie? Did she and leonardo dicaprio kiss or do anything offset>>? DId the romance scenes have any effect on there emotions towards each other? She says in the interview that she and him became great mates did she mean that literaly?

-- Brian quinn (, January 04, 1998


I was wondering the same thing as you, but I found my answers. I figured, if I had a body like Kate Winslet and I was co-starring with Leo, I would have no problem showing anyone what I looked like naked. And did they have romance off the set? No. I have pasted a quote by Kate Winslet directly from an interview she did.

The quote by Kate being: "There was no romance with Leo," she says firmly, referring to co-star DiCaprio. "I've seen myself described as his girlfriend, and yes, he's gorgeous. But nothing happened. We did become great mates, though."

Kate is from London, therefore, by mates, she means friends.

-- Heather (, January 05, 1998.

I read that the nude drawing scene was the first scene shot for the movie. And to break the ice Kate flashed Leonardo before filming started.

-- Sean (, January 10, 1998.

No there was no romance off the set... Leonardo did say that they did become very good friends and that throughout the shooting the were "attached at the hip" That is to be expected though. You work so closely with someone for so long, you are bound to become buddies.. And the nude scene was the first they ever did with each other. :)

-- Kristen Hill (, January 12, 1998.

Well I don't think that the "love" was carried out off screen, but I know that Kate became ill and James Cameron and Leonardo Di Caprio went to visit her in the hospital to see if she was alright. Also, I read that Kate Winslet lost 55 lbs. for the role and couldn't go further cause she couldn't gain any muscle mass for the ladies back then didn't lift things and didn't really have muscles. But I'm sure that Leonardo and Kate are great friends off the movie screen because seeing their chemistry on screen shows that they are perfect mates whether it be like that or not.

-- Ginger Castillo (, January 12, 1998.

in "Jude" (also an excellent movie) Kate had to show quite a bit more nudity than in "Titanic". It is not anything new to her.

-- Melody (, January 16, 1998.

I read in an interview of Kate Winslet: The nude shoots in a film are incredibly technical, even more so than regular shoots, because all involved are pressured to show only what is intended to be shown. With cameras in your face and the intense concentration, there is nothing romantic or playful about these shoots. Winslet was also nude in Hamlet with Kenneth Brannagh. This is nothing new to her, and I believe she handles with dignity and maturity. Titanic and her other films are nothing like Striptease or Showgirls.

-- Rose (, January 17, 1998.

NO.The romance was not carrying off the scene as Kate is a very professional actress.I think this much is enough for you to understand that Kate is just dedicated to her work and it is not like Kate has done any scene like this any first time.So it was quite normal for her.

-- Piyush Raj Singh (, October 11, 2001.

Wow. umm...yea...sure....i dont think i need to say anymore. Except why is everyone obsessed with the fact that they didnt date? So what? Who cares? Get over it!! love, rachel

-- Rachel Andersson (, August 29, 2004.

kate winslet nude photos i want

-- balaji (, October 12, 2004.

NO! The answer is no! The romance was not carried beyond the movie. Leo and Kate were just good friends. But I think that if they are only friends that is still okay.

-- Sarah Hammond (, January 27, 2005.

None of you know what you are talking about. I was a production assistant on the film Titanic, and Leo and Kate did have a fling. Very few people knew about it, but my then-girlfriend and I, as well as several other couples on the set went out with them to dinner twice and trust me, they weren't acting like "just friends". One of the other production assistants claims to have walked in on them in Kate's trailer. Not sure if it's true, but I can verify that they were in a short relationship.

-- Jimmy Winn (, February 16, 2005.

yeah,right.jimmy! like we all really believe u are actually a proudction assistant from titanic really writing on this post! please! we are not fools! you are a big liar jut trying to sound hot! and for your information leo and kate never had a romantic relationship ever! they both stated that they are only good friends! as leo said he loved kate but not romantically! they loved each other as a supportive brother and sister to each other. big difference from the crap you are talking about! you are such a fool!

-- adam (, March 03, 2005.

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