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Are any of the Titanic survivors alive today? Can they be contacted? Thanks.

-- Kelly Barnett (, January 03, 1998


I believe I read that there are like 5-6 survivors but they were all about 6 years old or younger (one was even an infant) when they were on the titanic...I wouldn't know how to contact them though, but I wonder if they can recall that far back...(sheesh, i could hardly remember when I was that age and i'm only 23!)

-- Lori (, January 04, 1998.

The oldest living survivor was about 8 years old at the time. A list of survivors can be found on Jim's Titanic Site at The site gives full names, ages on the Titanic, and State, Country. I do not know whether it is possible to contact them, but there are also some stories from survivors posted on this site.

-- Dena (, January 05, 1998.

Eva Hart was probably the last survivor that had a clear recollection of that night. The remaining few were either too young to remember or are now too old to remember or have shut it out of their lives. Ms Hart was seven years old when she survived the disaster along with her mother (her father was lost)and in her later years was very outspoken about the event. She passed away in England last February. She did write an autobiography which I have not read but have seen many interviews with her. She was quite a colorful character and you could see the memories in her eyes. She seemed very similar to the Old Rose in the movie.

-- Peter Nivling (, January 06, 1998.

I know how to contact Milvian Dean, she is my neigbour, she lives near........,.........,....... But i CAN'T SAY

-- Samatha Robertson (jwuk@AOL.COM), December 03, 1999.

There are three living survivior of the Titanic tragedy. All thre female, two of them live in England.

-- (, January 01, 2003.

From the research I have completed, 3 remain. Check out this website for there names and where-abouts:

-- Mandy Cole (, May 02, 2003.

Barbara Joyce West, Lillian Gertrud Asplund, and Elizabeth Gladys Millvina Dean are still alive.

-- anonomous (, May 08, 2003.

2 moths old at the time, gladys dean is the youngest survivor today

-- ash (, May 13, 2003.

Yes, there are survivours of the Titanic still alive today. One of th esurvivours just happens to live right next to me.

-- Sarah Rose Gretony (, September 30, 2003.

EVERY BODY IS WRITING THE SAME THING!!!! And I'm sorry if i'm contributing to the same info, but as you know, Barbara West, Elizabeth Gladys (Millvina) Dean, and Lillian Gertrude Asplund are still alive today, there are plenty of sites better than this (and updated more frequently) in which you can update this info. My Grandmother was in that accident, her name was Elizabeth Farrson and they wrote a book about her useing a simalar name. She sign on the survivor list as Lily Potter (WHAT a cowincidence!!! [i totaly spelled that wrong]) so as to avoid commocian. She later asked a writer (Diane Hoh?) to write a novel about it but to say the charactor were from her immagination. (again, so as to avoide commotion) That she did and the book was very popular. She passed away some time ago, and i will always miss her and the kindness she showed. I'm glad to contribute this story, and you can see the book in stores, "Titanic, The Long Night".

-- ~a girl who cares~ (, October 17, 2003.

Yes there are 3 titanic survivors still living, all are ladies the last male survivor michael navratil died in france in january 2001. The oldest living survivor is Lilian Gertrud Asplund, she recently turned 97 and was 5 1/2 at the time, she now lives in massachutes in the USA. the others are Britons milivina dean and barbara joyce west they were both infants at the time, they now live in the UK. for more information go to

-- Derek Mackay (, October 25, 2003.

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves! First of all, the survivors that are still alive should be left alone as even though they were young they were still in the tragedy and I'm sure it still brings back memories. Millvina Dean didn't even see James Cameron's Titanic due to the fact that her father died in the sinking and she could picture during the sinking scenes that that might have been what her father went through. So with that you shouldn't be trying to contact them. If you see them at a convention then fine but otherwise don't try to write them, that's rude.

As for you all who say that you have one of the survivors as a neighbor, especially the one who announced Milvian Dean was her neighbor. Well if indeed she was (which I am HIGHLY doubting), one would HOPE you could get her name right. And her location (country and city) is actually well known to those who actually know things about the survivors.

-- TitanicFan (, November 05, 2003.

Yes, there are indeed survivors.

Miss Lillian G. Asplund, who was a third class traveler, age five; at the current age of 97, she resides in Massechusetts.

Mrs. Barbara West Dainten, who was a second class traveler, age one; at the current age of 92, she resides in England.

Miss Millvina Dean, who was a third class passenger, aged only two months; she resides in England at the age of 91.

I hope this informatian will be of help to you.

-- E.T. (, December 02, 2003.

I just wanted to Say...Happy Holidays and Here is a bit of Hope that not only the Titanic survivors but anyone else in our world who is looking forward to a bit more peace in 2004. Kiss and Hug your family.

-- Heather Shearin (, December 21, 2003.

I know somebody... Mygreatgrandmother... She was six years old when she was on the TITANIC. She doesn't remember much. Her father and uncle were never found. She survived along with her brother and mom. She told me she actually saw the grand staircase and the dome. I wish that I could have been there in real life. Not that I would have wanted to be on the ship afterward. But to see them would give me something to cherrish with her. I believe she is 91 or 92. I havent talked to her in a while. I wish that I could have seen the things she did. Jamie

-- Jamie (, December 21, 2003.

Millvina Dean was in souhhamton but does ayone know if has died I would have thought so by now but to make sure can any-one tell me thank you!

-- sherree Scales (, December 29, 2003.

I have been writing back and forth with Millvina Dean since August of 1998. She autographed a book for me as well as sending many letters, notes, and Christmas cards. She does receive alot of letters, but she says she enjoys them all. The last letter I received from her was spring of '03. As far as I know, she's still alive. I'm sure I would have heard otherwise, or a friend or relative who knows my situation would have told me. Her birthday is Feb. 2, and she will be turning 92!! :)

-- PK (, January 06, 2004.

I recently read on the titanic encyclopedia message board that lillian gertrud asplunds health was failing. can anyone give proof of this? or perhaps give details of her condition. I also read on the message board that she does infact remember the disaster quite well considering she was only 5 1/2 at the time. I think that very little is known about this survivor because she doesnt like to talk about it. milivina dean(one of the other two living survivors)talks about the titanic a lot so it is easy to find information about her and she doesnt actually remember the event which might make it easier for her to talk about. but i am interested in miss asplund i would like to know more about her life after the sinking and perhaps she any more pictures of her. I have no desire to try and contact her but can anyone give me any more information about her or post a website address that says more about her? thanks

-- Derek Mackay (, February 17, 2004.

Can I just say I think if there are any survivors then they should be left alone. Can you imagine how hard it is to think of the loved ones you lost on that ship. I think you should stop trying to get in contact with them & just leave them be.

-- Miranda (, March 07, 2004.

There is a website called Titanic (Life went on) about all the 712 survivors at - it's worth checking out

-- matty hut (, March 09, 2004.

Lillian Asplund lives on my block. She is now 98 years old. She does not like to speak of the incident at all!

-- Amy Muzio (, March 10, 2004.

ok, here are the names of the survivors that are alive today.

Louise Larchoe
DOB 7/2/1910
age on Titanic- 3
Life boat C?
2nd class
age now- 94

Michel M. Navratil
DOB- 6/12/1908
age on Titanic- 3 1/2
lifeboat #D
2nd class
age now-89

Lillian Gertude Aspluno
age on Titanic- 5 1/2
lifeboat #4
Massachusets USA

Elixa Gladys Milvina Dean
DOB- 2/21/1912
age on Titanic-10 weeks old
2nd class
now age-96

Winnifred Vera Quiek
Van Tongeroo
DOB- 1/23/1908
age on Titanic-8
lifeboat #11
Mich. USA

Barbra J. West
DOB- 1908
age on Titanic 3 1/2
age now 89

hope that this info is what you wanted/needed. enjoy.

-- marina (, April 04, 2004.

Unfortunately, the information you provided is wrong. There are only three survivors remaining. Miss Lillian G. Asplund, who was a third class traveler, age five; at the current age of 97, she resides in Massechusetts.

Mrs. Barbara West Dainten, who was a second class traveler, age one; at the current age of 92, she resides in England.

Miss Millvina Dean, who was a third class passenger, aged only two months; she resides in England at the age of 91.

-- Ken Subramanian (, April 07, 2004.

Would anyone give the Email addresses of any one of them to establish contact with them

-- kings (, April 11, 2004.

What about Bertha Marshall of vancouver.B.C., who was 12 years ols ath the time. Is she now deceased

-- David Robertson (, April 13, 2004.

Bertha Mashall was named Robertha Josephine Watt when she sailed on the Titanic. She was a second class passenger. She passed away on the 4th March 1993. Today is the 92nd anniversary of the sinking of the titanic and as far as im aware 3 women survivors are still alive Lilian asplund aged 97, Barbara west aged 93 and Milivina dean aged 92.

-- James (, April 14, 2004.


This is a translation from a swedish site i found. I am not a professional iterpreter so bear with me ;-)

Lillian Asplund was born 21 October 1906 and is today the last person living, who still remembers being abord the Titanic. There is two other survivors still living, but they were both too little 1912 to remember the catastrophe. Lillian parents were Carl and Selma Asplund. They were from Alseda village outside of Jönköping, Sweden. 1906 Carl and Selma got married in USA after they had been living there for a couple of years. Not long after, Lillian and her twinbrother Carl Edgar was born. The family then decided to return back to Sweden to stay there. After some time in Sweden the oldest son Filip wanted to go back to USA. He told his father that he would eventually go alone if the family didnt join him. So Carl sold his farm to afford for the hole family to travel together to Worcester, USA. They all went with the Titanic.

When Titanic crashed with the iceberg Selma Asplund and several other passengers were confused. Because first they were awaken and told to put on their lifebelts but later they were told that there was no danger and that they could go back to bed. Carl Asplund still felt that is was better to wake up all of their five children. Selma dressed them and Carl went looking for lifebelts for them. When the passengers came up on deck, families were divided. Women and children were told to go to the lifeboats. For families with small children this was a painful moment. Selma Asplund didnt want to separate from her husband and later only she and two of their children survived. Even though Selma knew that her husband had a larger sum of money on him from the farm they sold, White Star Line refused to pay any compensation. Selma and her two surviving children instead got some help from a supportfund.

Lillian never got married. The catastrophe made such a huge impact on her. She still remembers how it was to be separated from her father and her three brothers. She has never wanted to be intervjued and has tried to avoid all publicity. In 1989 however she made en exception and in a telephoneintervju told what she remembered.

She still remembers when her family came up on deck and stood by the lifeboat. Her mother Selma took the youngest brother Felix and climbed into the lifeboat. Suddenly it was some commotion and they started to lower the lifeboat before all the children was inside. Selma called to her husband who quickly handed over Lillian to her. Lillian still remember seeing her fathers face when the lifeboat was lowered down. She also remember seeing her twinbrother Carl Edgar holding his fathers hand. Her two elder brothers still standing on deck. Her father Carl never managed to find another lifeboat for his sons. They died, all four of them and left Lillian to grief them for over 90 years. Felix who was born 1909 never remembered the catastrophe. He died as a bachelor after living with and helping his mother until 1964 when she died at the age of 90. Felix himself died 1983.

1992 the same person who did the intervju 3 years earlier paid her a visit. He then showed her some photos of her father she had never seen before. He describes her as looking much younger then she really was, but she gave at the same time the impression of beeing very sad. When James Camerons movie came in 1997 there was many who started calling on her to get autographs and to get answers to all their questions. 1998 she asked an American newspaper to write that she wanted to be left alone. Lillian todays lives in Massachusetts, USA. She still until recently drove her car but lately she has become rather ill.

Karla Andersson

-- Karla Andersson (, April 15, 2004.

When did Mikel M. Navratil pass away? Who were the survivors who threw wreaths from the 2 cruise ships during a memorial service a few years ago? Thanks. (I agree,let's respect the privacy of the survivors!)

-- Carmine De Vito (, April 24, 2004.

Karla- Lillian is not the last living survivor. Milvina Dean is still very much alive, Barbra J. West is still alive and Lillian Asplund (although she is bedridden, I know a guy who lives next door to her)... That site you translated is inaccurate by stating Lilian was the last one.

-- Rose (, May 21, 2004.

Actually rose if you read that entry properly it says lilian asplund is the last person still alive who REMEMBERS the event. then it goes onto say that milivina dean and barbara west are still alive but cannot remember. so im just pointing out it was not incorrect at all.

-- James (, May 22, 2004.

Lillian's health is still declining. Her memory is failing, too. However, she's still alive and living in her home.


-- Phil Martel (, July 15, 2004.

hello-My sister-in-laws Mother is the cleaning Lady for Millvina Dean. I have been to her house, and have talked to her a lot. Oh my goodness they are beautiful, She still has her old furs and hats from the 1920's. There is one picture of her, I love it! It is her, standing in front of an old car, holding a bible, and her boyfriend wrote, MY GIRL on the picture, she has it framed and sists on her bedroom end-table. She is a wonderful lady. You know whats kinda ironic? She still wears a corset! Not one like in the movie, it is one for old ladys. It only cinches the waist a little bit, but she still wears it! She is a very wonderful person and am glad to have met her, i'll see if I can visit her again. Oh one more thing about her, she always buy her grocerys expired, because they are cheaper she says. She enjoys going to little league games. She is somewhat lonely...I feel kind of bad for a lot of older people, their family just lets them alone, because they are so old and helpless...but it is very sad..... My In-Laws Mom trys brighten her day as much as she can...She has old pictures all over her house. They are very interesting, and so is she...

-- Cory J (, July 30, 2004.

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-- magana (, August 31, 2004.

I don't mean to be rude for I know all of you visitors have good intentions but I need to remind you that it is a little hurtful to me and maybe family members of the survivors and readers to distribute personal information like the location to which they live. I mean of course it's ok to present their names and present age and boat numbers because they are truly part of a historical diaster but if I please just ask you not to tell an address because the surviving passangers hav been through so much these past 90 or so years. As a living member of the Astor-Smith Family I thank you for listen to me and my thoughts. Sincerly, Audrey Astor Smith (John Jacob Astor and Madeline Astor's Great Great Grandaughter) Also I'd like to add that this is a wonderful site that holds wonderful information on the beautiful oceanliner R.M.S. Titanic. If you really enjoy stories and the Titanic in general feel free to explore this web page:

-- Audrey Astor Smith (, October 08, 2004.


-- RS (, October 20, 2004.

HI a am very intersted in this kind of stuff so if you know any surviors adresses i would really like it if you can send them to me rebekka holloway 2016 digby dr. new lenox IL 60451 please please please i would really like to mail a survivor! please

-- Rebekka Holloway (, November 18, 2004.

Its been almost 93 years since the Titanic I have always been interested in the Titanic. If I could I would even get in one those submarines and go to the bottom of the ocean to just see it. I had always wanted to meet one of the Survivors but don't look like I am ever going to get to. Which I do repect their privacy. If some how Millvina Dean see this Happy Early 93 birthday! My grandparnets on my Royalty side would be 93 this year if they were still alive. My grandmother was born March 27,1912 right before the Titanic sunk. My grandfather was born June 1,1912. Well, I hope the best for the three remaining Survivors May the lord be with them always. Bye for now.

Jason Royalty Eastview, Kentucky USA

-- Jason Royalty (, January 16, 2005.


My name is Michael karasevich, I have a question whether any of the members of this forum have tried and have been successful in writing to a Titanic survivor. If anyoine has in which i know there must be someone out there who has attempted as i have but failed or have possibly gotten a response. I hope this isn't comming across the wrong way amnd i hope there is someone out there who can help me contact and send a letter to Miss Millvina Dean..not to intrude apon her though. I only have been trying to write to her since I was in the 6th grade. I am in the 11th now and am 17. i was 11 then. I have been attempting to send a letter to Miss Dean and have gotten much information how to on many of the Titanic forums, but none help because I live in Florida in the US and not in Southampton England. I do appologise because this issue may have been brought up before in this forum and many people will get mad at me because they are thinking I am young and only want to intrude apon her and I have recieved that comment from a few people who just don't understand. I hope that someone here can help me...please.

-- Michael Karasevich (, March 08, 2005.

im 19 now and Yes, i have wrote to Millvina Dean many times and got quite a few answers.I have also met her and got some things signed.She is a lovley lady.However i dont want to give out her address, she is an old lady and gets hundreads of letters each day, she deserevs some peace.

-- charlotte (, March 14, 2005.

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