What happened to Jack's buddy? {Fabrizio}

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Whatever happened to Jack's Italian friend that got on the ship with him? I've tried and tried to remember, but I just can't. Hrm...I wish I had 6 more bucks to go see it again. :P

-- (lizzard@lcc.net), December 31, 1997


Response to What happened to Jack's buddy?

He was killed !! He was in the water and the smoke stack fell on him !!

-- Douglas J. Yurcik (yurcik@hap.arnold.af.mil), December 31, 1997.

Response to What happened to Jack's buddy?

If you read one version of the script (online somewhere--but it isn't the final), his buddy is swimming in the water after the boat sinks, and he tries to get on a lifeboat with cal, who pushes him away. This dind't make the movie, but it was in one of the original. The friend says he must get to America, and Cal pushes him away and tells him to start swimming.

-- Becky (raisongal@aol.com), January 04, 1998.

Response to What happened to Jack's buddy?

Fabry (I don't know how to spell it), Jack's friend, was crushed by the big, hmm what are those things called, a smoke stack or something of that nature that fell during the sinking.. He was trying to swim away and it fell on top of him. I hope this helped. Kristen

-- Kristen Hill (kristnh@ecst.csuchico.edu), January 12, 1998.

Response to What happened to Jack's buddy?

It was "Fabrizio," and he died when the funnel fell on him. In the script, though, Cal killed him trying to keep people off the life boat. The bastard.

-- Dave Phillips (Sonitus@USA.net), January 14, 1998.

Response to What happened to Jack's buddy?

Hi. I just finished reading the screenplay which I think was written by James Cameron. Anyway, Fabrizio didn't exactly die when one of the huge streamers fell on him but he did die cause you see him standing at the bottom of the staircase with Helga when Rose went to meet Jack together with all the other people who perished with the Titanic. This is what I got from the screenplay ... Hope it helps ... :o) CUT TO: EXT. FORWARD FUNNEL The stay cables along the top of the funnel snap, and they lash like steel whips down into the water. Cal watches as the funnel topples from it's mounts. Falling like a temple pillar twenty eight feet across it whomps into the water with a tremendous splash. People swimming underneath it disappear in an instant. Fabrizio, a few feet away, is hurled back by a huge wave. He comes up, gasping... still swimming. The water pouring into the open end of the funnel draws in several swimmers. The funnel sinks, disappearing, but-- Hundreds of tons of water pour down through the 30 foot hole where the funnel once stood, thundering down into the belly of the ship. A whirlpool forms, a hole in the ocean, like an enormous toilet-flush. T.W. McCawley, the gym instructor, swims in a frenzy as the vortex draws him in. He is sucked down like a spider going down a drain. Fabrizio, nearby, swims like Hell as more people are sucked down behind him. He manages to get clear. He's going to live no matter what it takes,
CUT TO:EXT. COLLAPSIBLE A/ OCEAN The boat is overloaded and half-flooded. Men cling to the sides in the water. Others, swimming, are drawn to it as their only hope. Cal, standing in the boat, slaps his oar in the water as a warning.
CAL : Stay back! Keep off!
Fabrizio, exhausted and near the limit, makes it almost to the boat. Cal CLUBS HIM with the oar, cutting open his scalp.
FABRIZIO You don't... understand... I have... to get... to America.
CAL (pointing with the oar) : It's that way!
CLOSE ON FABRIZIO as he floats, panting, each breath agony. You see the spirit leave him.

-- Jamie (d9733954@mail.connect.usq.edu.au), January 19, 1998.

Response to What happened to Jack's buddy?

That scene (Cal clubbing Fabrizio with an oar) was cut from the final print.


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), January 19, 1998.

Response to What happened to Jack's buddy?

Just before the smokestack fell on him, Fabrizzio was using a knife to cut the ropes to let the few remaining lifeboats get free. So although he dies, he dies a hero. I believe he was also wearing a blood soaked life jacket that he took off of Tommy (The Irish guy) when he got shot.

-- Kyle (Kyle@NOTHANKS.Com), February 01, 1998.

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