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I have used a number of Kodak film developers over the years but have never heard about something called "HC110" which was apparently well received some years ago. Is it still around? Does it have a commercial name and where can it be obtained?

Thanks for your assistance.

-- Nathaniel H. Siegel (eakr07f@prodigy.com), December 30, 1997


The product that you are looking for is HC-110. It comes in a 16 oz bottle that is mixed with water to make 1/2 gallon of stock. It is then diluted from stock to make the working solution. It is readily availble at any well stocked photo store. I use it at a dilution of 1part stock to 7 parts of water (1:7). The stock solution has an excellent shelf life, if kept tightly sealed. I seperate the stock into 2 quart containers for best results. For sheet film, roll film and 35mm Tri-X, I process at 5:30 minutes at 68 degrees, with constant (roller and drum) agitation. You should establish your own times based on your printing style. I am afraid that my ability to give you much technical information on HC-110 as it compares to other film developers is limited. I have used HC-110 for the last 18 years and have had no reason to try any other developers, it has always produced the contrast and tonal range in negatives that I desire. It does have an economic side to it, if used at 1:7 dilution it produces 4 gallons of working solution. The current price at the store that I buy it at is $10.59 for the 16 oz concentrate. A note of caution, be very, very certain that you buy the HC-110 developer concentrate, and not the HC-110 replenisher for comercial applications. They are not the same!!! I always recommend that a film developer be used as a one shot developer. Use it once and dump it. This will ensure consistancy in your development process.


HC -110

There is no need to add any additional information than has already been provided by MThompson. What I would add is that I disagree with the commonly held notion that non-replenished developer (one shot) is more consistant than replenished developers. It has been my experience that replenished developers (HC 110 and others) or no less consistent in their results than one shot. Its as easy to mis-measure a one shot solution (in fact maybe more so considering the consentrated developers) as adding the proper amount of replenisher.

-- j megargee (mvjim@interport.net), January 01, 1998.

I tried to use Microphen undiluted instead of one-shot for awhile. I had two problems: It becomes oxidized pouring it in and out of tanks so unless you use it over a short period of time (~1 mo.) it loses activity. It also collects debris and pouring through a filter just promotes oxidation.

HC-110 gives results very similar to D-76.

-- Tim Brown (brownt@ase.com), January 04, 1998.

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