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I only got around to seeing Titanic on the 28th, and was completely blown away! The only thing is, I think I'm too late to see any of the tv specials, such as on HBO and E!. Does anyone know of any after Dec. 30th? I am dying to know!!


-- Laura S. (, December 30, 1997


Sometimes E! will show something a couple of times. So just keep a check on your listings. Also look at around 6 or 9 in the afternoon, they always have a behind the scenes look at a movie or TV show. I am hoping they will have one on Titanic.

-- Nikki (, January 08, 1998.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL "The Investigation Begins"- Sat., Jan.10 "Anatomy of a Disaster" - call them 1800-813-7409 in March to learn when it will be aired again "Titanic--Great Adventures of 20th Century" - Jan. 20 or 21 "Titanic Voyage--Untold Stories" - May 20 or 21

A&E CHANNEL, 1 212 210 1340 "Titanic" (4 hour show - VERY interesting - I saw a part of it) Call in 2-3 months to see when will be shown again

HISTORY CHANNEL "Movies in Time - Special Presentation" (Subject: Making the Titanic flick) Jan 19

If anyone has info on other channels or updates to above, please post here and email me if poss

-- Bob Gregorio (, January 10, 1998.

NBC Tues, Jan 20, 11:30 pm Jay Leno - Guest: Kate Winslet.

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Mon, Jan 19 - How they made the movie

-- Bob Gregorio (, January 18, 1998.

I just saw a commercial for Oprah. Today (Jan. 20th) her show is about Titanic!

-- Kerri (, January 20, 1998.


-- ariel chavez (, February 12, 1998.

I just heard from a newsgroup that Ophra will repeat her show about Titanic. Tommorow March 11, I'm not sure what channel or time though, just check your local listing !

-- rachel (, March 11, 1998.

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