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After the movie Romeo and Juliet, a book came out with pictures and stuff about the movie. Does anyone know if they are going to have a book on Titanic? I just love that movie and I would like to have a book!

-- Stefanie (, December 30, 1997


There is a book called James Cameron's Titanic. I have heard that there are pics and info about the making. I have looked for it at bookstores but it is sold out almost everywhere. You can order it on-line if you have a credit card # or can use your parents. It is $16 there plus shipping and handling. I ordered it from there two days ago and they sent me a letter saying they have no more in stock but will get a shipment in and they can send it to me in a week or two. So if you order it it will take a while. Hope that answered your question.

-- (, December 30, 1997.

My sister bought me the book "James Cameron's Titanic" for Christmas, and gave it to me only after she read it cover to cover (can I blame her?) I have since read it cover to cover, over and over, and am going to pass it along to other family members. The book is FANTASTIC, as is the movie! Rachel

-- Rachel Fafinski (, January 01, 1998.

There is a periodical called "CINEFEX" that has an entire issue devoted to the making of Titanic. It is 182 pages and has a bunch of color pictures in it. I found it at Barnes and Noble. It is issue #72 and the cost is $8.50. Well worth it! If you can't find it they have an address to order back issues. CINEFEX p.o. box 20027 Riverside, California 92516 It says to send $12.50 and it's postpaid. Or order toll free at 1-800-434-3339 (credit card only)

-- Sean Grindle (, January 04, 1998.

You must get this book! James Cameron's Titanic is this big, beautiful coffe-table book full of pictures from the movie and lots of info about the special effects. It's absolutely amazing how they did some of that stuff. Anyway, you can order it from on the interent, $16 for a soft cover and $35 for a hard cover. I guarentee that you will love it.

-- Annie (, January 09, 1998.

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