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After watching this movie I felt like I needed to express my gratitude to the director and actor and actress who preformed such magnificent roles. I never knew I could feel all of these emotions just by watching a movie. Is there any way I can E-mail Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winslet or James Cameron in hopes that they might that they might recieve my mail and respond? I am soooooo lost!!!

-- Carrie (Sisro@aol.com), December 28, 1997


I think what made the movie so touching was the fact that Rose and Jack met on the ship instead of anywhere else. When I was watching the movie, I kept thinking to myself, "It is so sad that they fall in love there on the ship because I know the ship is going to sink." If you did not know that they could die later on in the movie, it would make their relationship a lot less meaningful.

-- Amanda Kay Duncan (DianeD115@aol.com), January 08, 1998.

That's a great question. Infact, I've been looking for their e-mail addresses too. Maybe you should try some of the fan clubs or official sites on line. That might help.

-- Colleen (Colleendi@earhtlink.net), January 22, 1998.

Yeah right- do you know how many screaming, raving idiotic hormone-driven teenage girls would absolutely go crazy if Leonardo DiCaprio's email address was available??!! not that I don't agree, I wish I could thank them for making the best movie in the world.. : )

-- Cara (sammons@mint.net), January 27, 1998.

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