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I would like to know what command I need to enter to link to just one item. For example I have to maintain a database of all of my items with this one service. They in turn need a URL for each individual product. If I only had just that 1 in a catagory by itself I could work it out, but I have catagories that contain over 200 items! Can you tell me what link to follow to bring up each individual item by item id number or by name. Also is there anyway to customize the look of the search results?

Thanks Richard Cheek Please notify me by e-mail if possible.

-- Richard Cheek (, December 24, 1997


This works.

-- Gregory Swofford (, July 15, 1998.


Sorry, as you can see I had to re-enter the reply as the script turned my reply into a dead LINK!

-- Gregory Swofford (, July 15, 1998.

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