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After pressing the submit button on my order form I'm redirected back to the review cart page, and no email is sent to my mailbox.

-- Keivan Sarrafzadeh (, December 24, 1997


Are you using FrontPage? So am I. I had that trouble about 1 week ago. What I did was first of all went to and got WS/FTP. Then I would open the order.html file up from WS/FTP as a regular text file in Notepad. I inserted the tag in the html at the top. For some strange reason FrontPage deletes the tag. That helped me.

-- n/a (, December 24, 1997.

Your problem is in the order.html. The syntax isn't o.k. You should add Input type hidden name="sort" value:"order:x,y,z" In the other way, you can look in the html-code of my site under

Best regards from Germany

-- Matthias Haase (, December 27, 1997.


I had the same problem as well. You can use the editor listed above, or I just used notepad and deleted the tags that frontpage places in down to the

tag. Everything above I deleted. If you look at the origional order.html in notepad or a regular text editor you will see how it should be.

-- Keith Pratt (, December 28, 1997.

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