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Hey, I just saw the movie about 2 hours ago, I loved it!! How great, I only wish the story of Rose and Jack wasn't fiction, ya know? Wasn't it great? However was there a real Rose some where? Or a Heart of the Sea?? Please email me if you have ANY info! thanks, EC

-- Emily Cole (, December 23, 1997


I'm sure in the 2000 plus folks onboard the vessel, there was a "Rose", but that entire aspect of the movie was fiction, as was the diamond.

-- Rick (, December 24, 1997.

Hi Emily, Guess somewhere deep inside each one, there was a wish that Jack and Rose were real and that the love they shared were actually real. It would be a phenomenon! Even though I'm not sure if Rose were real but if you read through some of the questions posted here on this site, there was a lady named Rosa on the actual Titanic and she did meet a guy from third class. Well, I'm off hunting for answers to my questions. Guess Titanic really made an impact on everyone huh? Well, if you loved the movie, give the soundtrack a try. You'll be addicted! Cheers! Jamie

-- Jamie (, January 18, 1998.

Hey, has anyone seen the musical on broadway? I loved it! what did you think of that in comparison to the movie? WBS here or email me!

-- Natalie (, January 28, 1998.

Actually the only woman to go down with the ship and live was a thrid class passenger named Rose. Nothing to do with our Rose however but I thought it was kind of interesting.

-- Rachel (, January 29, 1998.

There was a woman named Rose on the ship, but not the same one. Neither was there a Jack but there is a J. Dawson. (Just a coincidence I think) The Heart of the Ocean is just a figment of James Cameron's wonderful imagination. ;)

-- Allison (, February 08, 1998.

There is an error in the script when Jack Dawson says he is heading to Wisconsin. It's Lake _______(an Indian name). The place does exist, but what's the error?

-- Walt Dervin (, March 02, 1998.

Walt, I forget the name of the lake also but it was man-made in 1915 and therein lies the flaw in the script. I think I can overlook it though!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, March 02, 1998.

Emily, there was a real Molly Brown on the Titanic and they mentioned her in the movie. I don't remember the actress' name but she was played by the heafty women. After the Titanic went down, she was referred to as the Unsinkable Molly Brown because she was able to make it on one of the boats and lived.

-- Teresa (, March 02, 1998.

This is in reguards to Theresa's answer on the Unsinkable Molly Brown- Sorry but your answer was very wrong. Molly was called the unsinkable Molly brown because for several reasons. #1 was that when she was a baby, she was caught in a flood and her cradle was buoyant and floating down a river, basically surviving the first crisis in her life.

This was not the end of several mishaps in her life, yet she was very cheerful, and not much could get her down. She started out as a poor, illiterate, mountain girl, who was smart and quick to learn and had great people skills, being that she was a very true person. She then became a barmaid, who learned how to sing and dance at the age of 16, knowing several bar songs etc. and was used to doing things for herself. As she got a little older she married a man called Johnny Brown, who had struck gold ( gold mined ) and that was why they were called" new money". During the year they first got married and before he struck gold, he used a cigar wrapper for her wedding band because they were dirt poor. He later, after striking gold, replaced the paper cigar band with an exact duplicate ring , but made out of Diamonds rubies and gold. Unfortunantly, Denver, Colorado High Society , snubbed her, because she spoke like she was from the oakies with a slight southern accent, and not sophisticated or well bred as they percieved she should be, yet she was smart and spoke her mind, like the fictional Jack Dawson/ she was extremely down to earth. She took off to Europe determined to learn high class, and style and they loved her there due to her high spirits, she was the belle of the ball and parties there, where she was finally accepted, but this time, by rich foreign socialites. She also became fluent in 6 different languages due to her travels abroad and her intelligence. During the sinking of the ship Titanic, she was the one who held all the weeping women together and kept their spirts up with bar songs. She also organized the boats, due to her knowledge of languages, she was able to communicate to the women who were panicking, setting them at ease a little more and keeping them calm, till help arrived. She announced several times that she would be going back to her husband and that was that! She would not settle for dying, nor would she let the other women think negatively or want to die either, though they had probably lost their hubands on the Titanic.Due to this and organizing the women from one boat to another/ quickly, to let 5th Officer Lowe take 1 boat back to look for survivors, she earned the reputation as The Unsinkable Molly Brown, for her high spirits and fighting attitiude to live. She became a heroine. In the movie she was played by Kathy Bates ( Stephen king's two movies- Doloris Claiborne & Misery), but her part was not played up very well in the movie in the end scenes. As far as her brashness, like saying " Hey Astor!", that was her real personality. A movie was made on her in 1964 starring Debbie Reynolds as Molly and pretty much tells the tale of the real Molly from day 1 to the Titanic sinking.The Movie was called "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" (released 10-2-1964). Upon returning back to the states, due to the publicity of her part in the Titanic, she was finally accepted by Denver's high society.

-- Granny Groza (, June 22, 1999.

I know almost averything about the movie and the real ship. No there was no Rose DiWitt Bukater (full name). But, there was a heart of the ocean.

-- Tommy Lynskey (, August 10, 2003.

Correction; there was no "Heart Of The Ocean" or "La Coeur De La Mer" (note that "mer" in French is translated to "sea" not "ocean") onboard the Titanic.

The necklace is fictional, however, it is based on the famous "Hope Diamond", which appears to be strikingly similar to the necklace in the movie.

-- Undisclosed... (, January 23, 2005.

ok. . . i totally love the movie Titanic i've seen it like 50000 times! and ... to answer your question i'm sure on a a ship with over 2000 people there was a rose in there somewhere .... LOL. but There was not a 'hart of the ocean ' that was just something put in the movie to make it more interesting ...i suppode .. hope i helped - Alexis

-- Alexis (, February 17, 2005.

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