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I think that Leo is really hot and I was wondering if you people agree with me.I also think that he's an awesome actor and that his performance in Titanic was great! If anybody disagrees with me I would really like to know why!

-- Tamara Dora Burns (, December 23, 1997


"Hot?" :> Well I think Leonardo Di Caprio played his part very well in this movie, but I don't know about "hot." You have to understand, I would not call him "hot" because it feels like I'm demeaning him into a "hunk," nothing but eye-candy. And Leonardo Di Caprio is far more than eye candy. He's an accomplished actor who has wholesome good looks, but his looks are not his strongest point. I think the strongest attribute is his personality -- that, above all, makes Leo shine. His personality illuminates his acting and illuminates his looks. Visit to continue the ongoing Leonardo vs. Chris O' Donnel argument.

-- Annie Lin (, December 27, 1997.

Duh!!!!! Asking if Leo is hot is like asking if the sky is blue, or if the sun shines daily. As a devout fan, I would have to give a definite yes answer to this elementary question. If I saw Leo on the street, I would pounce on him as if there were no tomorrow. He is the most beautiful boy in our solar system, without a close or even distant second. I am not a little girl who just thinks he is cute, but also a big fan of his acting career. Every movie that he has starred in has had an impact on me, Titanic having the greatest. Im way glad that this time around, he didnt, once again, recieve the role he has been stereotyped into, that of an angst ridden teenage boy. Jack Dawson is a well matured young man who is well aware of the ways of the world. So, in conclusion, yes, Leonardo Dicaprio is brutally hot, but that is not all he has to offer!

-- kristy king (, December 28, 1997.

Of course Leo is hot! Whoever thinks he isn't is CRAZY!!! He did a marvelous job in the titanic as well! There is practically nothing wrong with him! He has a great thing going for him! LEO IS HOT!

-- Stefanie (, December 30, 1997.

Leonardo DiCapprio is *beyond* hot....he is ENCHANTING!

-- Lori (, January 04, 1998.

HAHA, I got so carried away when I thought of Leo that I hit the "p" key twice!!!! That goes to show you how enchanting he is.... =)

-- Lori (, January 04, 1998.

Why did you even ask that question? He is extremely hot and sexy as well. I absolutely love him. Kate Winslet is so lucky.

-- Heather (, January 05, 1998.

Well I htink that Leonardo Di Caprio is a fine sight indeed and I agree with all of you!!! I htink that everyone can join me in saying that KATE WINSLET IS SO LUCKY!!!!! Well I also think that Leo is a tremendous actor also I think that he proved that in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, playin Arnie. Also I think that he did an excellent job in Basketball Diaries as well as This Boys life!!! I have been obsessed with Leo eversince I saw him on Growing Pains and if anyone has anything like any info an address, e-mail or anything please let me knoWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Ginger Castillo (, January 12, 1998.

yes, yes, of course he is, and he is only the perfect choice for this part.

-- cgk (, January 13, 1998.

Is he hot? I think he is cute. He will turn out to be a leading man in Hollywood. I'm sure we will be seeing him for a very long time. I had my eye on him ever since he captured my attention in "What's eating Gilbert Grape?" That is what proved to me that he was a true actor. Keep up the good work! By the way, if you come across this, Leo, feel free to e-mail me. You seem to be an interesting person. I have a dozen questions as to what finally made Leo take on this immense movie.

-- janine johnson (, January 16, 1998.

A girl would have to be dead if she doesn't think Leo is hot. I think he's the most beautiful human being on the face of the earth. BUT, I also heard that he's a jerk. So, I'll do my best to not fall in love with him!

-- Colleen (, January 22, 1998.

Attention: Colleen

My advise is not to believe everything you read, and not to form such quick opinions about people you haven't actually met, or talked to. Besides, how can you not fall in love with Leo in Titanic? I think that he was great in Titanic, and I am looking forward to seeing his upcoming appearance in The Man in the Iron Mask.

-- Keri-Ann (, January 23, 1998.

I think he is very handsome. He might have a bit of a growth deficiency problem (The guy is 23 and looks about 17) But that's a-o.k. with me. There is a coffe shop at this mall in V.A. that boast a Leo-lookalike employee. I have personally seen him 4 times and he looks as good, if not better than Leonardo. His name tag says Leonardo DiCappucino, but his real name is Tom or Todd or something. Get this- they have the same birthday! WBS to me with any comments, please!

-- natalie (, January 26, 1998.

natalie, what mall??? what city?? leo's the best!

-- gaile (, February 05, 1998.

I think that Leo is like the cutest and all my friends think so too.I have all of his Titanic pictures off the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is H-O-T-T HOTT!!!!!!!!

-- Danielle =) (, February 06, 1998.


-- ROSE DAWSON (ROSE4732@AOL.COM), February 27, 1998.

Leo is only the most perfect guy on earth (besides my man)

-- Melody Glasgow (Melody@Republic.Net), March 04, 1998.

Is Leo hot?? That is the dumbest question I have ever heard of!!!! Leonardo Dicaprio is definently the hottest man alive. He also seems to be a real sweet guy and he's a brilliant actor. That's why he's loved so much!!!!

-- Cara (, March 29, 1998.

Jack was sweet, and so was Philipe. Personally I hope in real life Leonardo is more like Louis XIV. I'm sorry, but I just happen to have a weak spot for the bad guys. I love Gary Oldman too.

-- mariaclara (, April 26, 1998.

ok girls heres the deal: Yes he is most certainly a looker, but put yourselves in his shoes. i mean think about you going to..say..going shopping or something, and half the female population crowded you and pawed at you if you were some kind of piece of meat. i mean it's totally wrong. he should be left alone, like he said HE IS a normal person, overshadowed by all this hollywood bullsht thing. if i saw him, id probably make a casual conversation, and maybe ask for an autograph or something, ot bounce around and scream to everyone that his in the store. he is only human after all. just wanted to say my bit. :) jess PS) leo is a wonderfull actor, with great talent, wish him all the best in the future.

-- jessica (, April 21, 2002.

I do not understand why you girls have pink clouds in your head?And yes i think he is a cute guy but just that is all.There are many cutests guys outside.And how can you fall in love with a guy you even do not know any think about him.Probably you should think that you know a lot about for him from magazines , papparazies and from books...I am sorry you are wrong.I mean you do not have even any clue about his persoality.The magazies are not his soul's mirror.And what i thing about his career is that he was really a good actor in his old movies like What's eating Gilbert Grape,This boys life,the Bascetball Diaries but now think he relaxed,got international fame so he is not as good asbefore.Sorry but i am totally a honest person and wanna say my real feelings from the heart .And guess what yes i love him deeply like he is a part of mine heart.I wish the best for him.I dunno why...

-- zoro (, November 01, 2002.

Of course he is hot !!!! He is handsome and has a grand voice lucky kate winslet

-- courtney sherritt (, June 15, 2003.

Oh, yes.

I do agree with you all.I have liked leo since romeo and juliet,then i watched all his other movies.He is a good actor as well as a good looking guy.He seems a genuine nice person as well,did you know he supports I.F.A.W for the animals in the wild.ohhhhh so sweet.I just have to tell you about this time i went out into town ( live in england by the way)i was looking round the club,and there was this guy ! he looked just like Leo,not when he was younger,but now.My mouth dropped open as I stared at him,he was only with one other guy and he was leos double,he left the club though quit soon and to this day i cant get it out of my head! I never saw him again. well i will go now.i hope leo stays around for a long time. x

-- lisa (, November 23, 2003.

I love watching Leo in all of his wonderful movies...he's so easy on the eyes and his voice just melts my heart! He is so talented and I could watch his movies over and over favez are Titanic and Catch Me If You Can...they are excellent! GO LEO...

-- Lauren (, February 10, 2004.

yes of course.leo is very hot. i like him so much.i saw him frist in flim titanic.he looks very handsome.i really like him.he is very good actor.i want to meet him.but it is not possible.i am in nepal.and he is in america.i only meet him in my dream.i pray with god he get success in his life.but i think onday i meet him but how i don't know.i want to see him in real life not in flim.i want to say leo please come in is very beautiful is buddha's birth place.but i know u never come in nepal.i know u are very rich person.but i am not reach.i am very i can't come in america. but i will pray with god u will come in nepal and i will see u. if i am rich person .i will meet u. but it is not possible.

-- sareena thapa (, August 29, 2004.

i miss leo very much.

-- sareena thapa (, August 29, 2004.

Hot is an understatement for Leo. I have never seen a more handsome man in my life. Oh my god, I sware I almost melted the first time I watched Titanic. YOU GO LEO!!!! He is such a wonderful person at heart too.. Deserves everything great he gets!

-- Ashley (, December 28, 2004.

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