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If I were to download and implement this script, what technology/programming is involved to make online ordering secure with this script? I haven't explored this area yet, but before I offer online ordering to anyone, I would prefer it be a secure set up first. Any ideas? Thoughts? Can someone point me to a good resource for this information? Thanks.

-- Deb Brown (, December 21, 1997


It works fine as-is, with SSL servers.

-- Barry Robison (, December 21, 1997.

I'm a little in the dark about how to ensure I'm running an SSL server. Can anyone give a little background on this? How is the email made secure? I'm sure my customers would want to know that their credit card info coming in email is safe.

-- Bob Orr (, January 04, 1998.

To be right that the number of the credit card is safe, ask the Administrator of its safe server, if Email of the safe form is recorded in post office box it holds. The form of purchases should be addressed for a post office box installed in a server protected with SSL. It is the only warranty of safety. Conventional post office boxes can be invaded with easiness. - God is praised.

-- Jose Queid (, June 21, 2000.

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