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I thought it would be useful to post the resolution on funding which was approved by the Governance Committee at its December 15, 1997 meeting. I believe that this resolution pretty much summarizes what the committee has come up with to date.

Here it is:

WHEREAS Muni riders deserve a public transporation system that is reliable, safe and affordable;

WHEREAS Muni has suffered in recent years from neglect and underfunding;

WHEREAS fares have increased over the years with no corresponding increase in reliability, safety or service;

WHEREAS downtown commercial property owners reap huge economic benefits from the service provided to downtown;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that it is the policy of Rescue Muni that:

1) There should no increase in fares at this time.

2) There should be no reduction in the current contribution to Muni from the General Fund.

3) Additional funding for Muni should be provided from the General Fund if Muni can demonstrate that this funding will result in improved reliability, increased ridership and better customer satisfaction.

4) The current subsidy in public transportation enjoyed by downtown commercial property owners should be brought to an end by the establishment of a downtown transit assessment district.

5) Consideration should be given to providing additional dedicated funding for Muni from a modest increase in the hotel tax, in light of the benefits Muni service provides to tourism.

6) Consideration should be given to providing additional dedicated funding for Muni from some combination of parking taxes, parking fees, parking fines, meter revenues, gas taxes and auto license fees.

7) San Francisco should actively pursue additional funding for Muni from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and from regional, state and federal sources, including flexibility with regard to operating and capital funds.

-- Marc Norton (, December 20, 1997

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