purchasing new static dc drive and motor

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I am specifying a new static dc drive and motor for a dc hoist elevator application and would like input. The drive and motor need to be at least 50hp. Are there advantages to oversizing either or both the drive and motor? If money is no object, what is the best drive to buy? What is the best motor to buy? Any input is appreciated.

-- Wade Eckler (weckler@electrotek.com), December 19, 1997


Re: purchasing new static dc drive and motor

It might be interesting to know if this is a geared or gearless application. Also, speed and capacity. Beyond this though, I know of no advantage to TRUELY oversize a DC motor or drive, other than what might be referred to as "added service life expectancy". There are many popular DC drives being used in the elevator industry today. Allen-Bradley, Sweo, Reliance, Baldor, MagneTek just to name a few.... if I had to pick the best, NO budget DC drive today?.... maybe the MagneTek DSD412? As for the best motors, I don't have a clue.

-- Ray Griffin (rgriffin@cct.infi.net), December 21, 1997.

New static dc

Wade, Your only consideration Would be component Size if you are space challenged, in that case you might want to consider going to a 500 volt armature motor the motor is about 2/3 the size of the standard 230 volt armature and the Isolation transformer and choke abouit 1/2 the size of a 230 volt system and the drive itself is about 1/2 the size.

Fred Baltes Elman101@aol.com

-- Fred Baltes (Elman101@aol.com), December 21, 1997.

The preceeding answers sound reasonable to me.

-- Vernon P. Keller (vpkeller@earthlink.net), February 08, 1998.


There should be no advantage except {maybe} longer life. But if you ask this question to a sales person you will have the largest drive system in town. I have worked on all types of drives, and Magnatec seems to be very reliable, good ride and user friendly if the mechanic or adjuster is willing to read the manual.....

-- Joe (JMclo30547@aol.com), July 23, 1998.

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