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Could you please define the borders of Dalmatia. As far as I know it extended from Zadar to Ulcinj (now Crna Gora). How come it is now only in Croatia?

-- Neven Smoje (blueskies@mailexcite.com), December 18, 1997


Re: Dalmatia

Even borders of the states are sometimes difficult to define, what iniated most of the wars in human history. This is even much more complicated when regions are concerned, because very often regional borders don't follow ethnical or/and state borders (e.g. Styria, Istria, Dalmatia). Usually when one refers to region of Dalmatia, he/she might think on Austro-Hungarian region of Dalmatia, which included not only Split, Sibenik and Zadar regions of Croatia, but also Dubrovnik region and island Pag in Croatia, and Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. Many wouldn't accept such partition, and citizens of Dubrovnik are for example among them.

Anyway, if you consider that 95% of above mentioned territories are actually in Croatia, we can fairly say that Dalmatia is a Croatian region. Especially if we don't want to burden this primarly cultural site with geographic issues.

-- Marko Pinteric (mpinter@ifs.hr), December 20, 1997.

in this region, dalmatia now occupais a part of three countres:Croatia, Yugoslavia, and a little part of Albania, in history we have had diferend cultures in theese region, first iliric, and roman culture, in souther dalmatia even greek, then here comes two southern slave tribes Serbs and Croats,and taking: Serbs southern parts (from river Neretva to south) and northern of Neretva was under Croatian uridistiction. in southern parts some Serbian tribes have created an indipendence republic of dubrovnik, next was austria who created an region with autonomy called Dalmatia.After the second war and ethnic cleaning and killing Serbian population, it could be created, the first time in history , dalmatia under Croat uridistiction. Today Dalmatia considers a region from Skadar(today Shqodre-Albania to Zadar in North!

-- Nemanja (Apx_011bg@yahoo.com.au), December 06, 2002.

"Serbian tribes" have created Dubrovnik republic , only in your dreams. Are all Serbs such liers as you Nemanja? Long live croatian Dubrovnik.

-- Ivan (ivan2342@yahoo.com), June 02, 2003.

Nemanja - please go to dubrovnik and tell them that they are serbs and we see how healthy you will be. Cheers

-- Petar Dubrovcanin (a@A.com), June 25, 2004.

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