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I just saw the biggest crock of shit on Tv. It was a commercial for Johnson and Johnson's "Save the endangered species" shampoo.... Johnson and Johnson are trying to look caring and compassionate towards animals....but of course its a load of shit! They test their products on animals in all those heartless ways I am sure you have heard about (if you havent just go to and you will find plenty on it) Johnson and Johnson are located on the web at and you can email them at (they use a stupid form thing, but it has an area at the bottom for comments). If you care, go mail them what you think. This commercial really pissed me off.

-- tim (, December 17, 1997


Sure I am sorry for all those little fluffy cute animals the new products are tested on. But. When I see "NOT Tested On Animals" sign on something I am about to buy, I skip it. Because. If it is not tested on animals it is not tested at all. I am not going to spray (and inhale), ingest or put on my skin some synthetic shit which has not even been tested. Sure I fell uncomfortable knowing about little critters developing allergy, getting green spots, loosing hair and dying. But better them than me, right? Our maybe YOU would like to volunteer for (say) Johnson & Johnson experiments to find out if the substance in a retort will become better deodorant or should it be used as a sewage tube cleaning agent?

-- Critter (, July 12, 1999.

Is it just me, or is shampoo one of the things that kills the animals when it is sent down the drain?

-- Santana Shilling (, May 29, 2001.

JnJ is full of S*** they need to take there cheap product and shove it up there a**

-- Kimberly (, December 09, 2001.

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Hey Critter, could you get much more arrogant? I think for the most part byt the ingredients, they can tell if it is going to hurt you or the animal. Good job, there jack*ss, using your brain helps.

-- SR (, December 28, 2002.

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