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In doing some research on Oracle 8, I see that it this version of Oracle is supporting object/relational databases. Does anyone know if SQL server 7.0 will be supporting this same feature?

-- Anonymous, December 15, 1997


Re: object/relational database


I found this quote from Windows Magazine, September 01, 1997, Issue: 809, Section: NT Enterprise Edition.

The basic page size (the lowest common denominator of memory blocks) has also changed in SQL Server 7.0, so that BLOBs and data warehouses can track large physical and virtual objects.

SQL Server 7.0 will offer limited universal database functionality. This will be achieved by separating SQL Server's query engine from the database store. Next, OLE DB will offer connectivity between the engine and store, allowing SQL Server to query multimedia databases and Exchange Server.

I also found an article in my December 1997 TechNet titled, The Terra-Server, in the SQL Server Technical Notes section, about using SQL Sever 7.0 (code named Sphinx) to serve up satellite images from a 3 TB database.

So I would say that, yes, SQL Server 7.0 will be supporting object/relational databases.


-- Anonymous, December 15, 1997

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