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Wired provides a new dimension to the word arrogance ... From the looks of it, Roberta Jacobs, a consultant for Wired Ventures, is a hard woman to please.... Wired for Action

``We, like hundreds of companies within this area, are moving to the next level. We're in a barbarians to bureaucrats transition.'' -- Louis Rossetto -- Wired Won't Unravel, CEO Says, by Jon Swartz, SF Chronicle, December 5, 1997 7

Meanwhile, hard by South Park, Wired magazine is gearing up for its February relaunch, code-named Wired 2.5 because, the executive suite decided, the release of every 2.0 version of most anything has just basically sucked. The slogan for the relaunch is "From Revolutionary to Authority." --DogBites

The Voice of the Digital Revolution has been sounding muffled lately -- unless you listen to its friendly translators, who say its troops are reorganized and finally ready to conquer the world. Unfortunately, fiscal and managerial reality suggests otherwise. --Wired Frays By Steve Boland

--Wired's Noisy Signal ...

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), December 12, 1997


101 Ways to Save Wired Ventures

-- rp (zpub@sirius.com), January 16, 1998.

An anonymous tipster heard of my curiosity and forwarded me an internal E-mail in which Wired Digital senior vice president of marketing Hunter Madsen tried to explain to Wired employees why the policy was being violated. The E-mail was apparently intended to ease some internal concerns about violating the line between editorial church and advertising state. The missive, which Cohen said was written just before Christmas, read in part:

The problem is "(b)." The SEC has a policy against hyping an upcoming offering from the day it is announced until 25 days after it debuts on the market. The IPO Wit was underwriting, Mercury Computer Systems, debuted on Jan. 27. The offer in the spam is valid beginning Feb. 1. It was that IPO that Madsen specifically expressed a desire to "stir specific interest" in the internal E-mail.
-- Brooke Shelby Biggs's: Net Effects @sfbg

-- (foo@bar.com), January 28, 1998.

>Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:01:53 -0800 >To: john_paczkowski@sfbg.com, jon_maples@sfbg.com >From: Andrew DeVries >Subject: ReWired > >Jon and John: > >There are still several points about this story that are highly inaccurate: > >First off, Wired Digital is not in deep trouble (We have had a 300% increase in revenues from 1996 to 1997, and a 400% increase in Web traffic; our combined sites are now ranked as the 20th highest traffic destination on the Web), and there is no hand wringing or appologia here (We stand by our partnership with Wit and all the company's we choose to work with. We simply want stories written about us to be factually correct.) Why try to paint a picture of us that isn't true (is it in your interest?), unless of course, you are an ex-employee with an ax to grind [as Brooke is] (no mention of that yet on your site.) > >Equally important, the following hypothesis in your story is completely wrong: > >**Wired Digital senior vice president of marketing Hunter Madsen >tried to explain to Wired employees why the policy was being >violated in an E-mail apparently intended to ease some internal >concerns about violating the line between editorial church and advertising state. >The missive, which Cohen confirmed was written just before Christmas, read in part:*** > >This was the first email written to the (5) members of the team responsible for drafting of the first draft of the email copy, checking it for legal validity, and coordinating the technology behind ultimately sending it out. (I told Brooke this). It was not sent to "Wired employees" to explain any crossing of the line as you imply. Give us a little credit here-- had that been an issue, a far more explanatory and compassionate email would have been written to employees. Obviously, any legal questions were addressed immediately after the recipients, one of which who was our head legal counsel, received it. Hence the final email. > >Also, put your email lovin' self in our shoes. Since when does the first instance of you formulating a business deal, or even a story pitch, get to live on to success and glory in its original birthday suit. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I'd say NEVER. Often these are just initial (good, bad, brilliant, misinformed, etc.)thoughts, that get corrected, changed, shot down, and all the other things that happen at that fun place called work. But they are thoughts, none the less and I guess you folks are now the Thought Police, condemning others for even mistakenly or naively thinking about doing something wrong. This is a scary form of journalism in my book, and again I encourage you to correct it. SF deserves better. > >Also, Wired Managing editor Katerina Heron, who, if you've taken the time to read the new issue of Wired you will realize has produced one of the best issues ever, swears that the quote attributed to her, "Even I was spammed! I was furious," was not something she said. She would like you to clarify that with her. As one esteemed editor to another, please call her directly at (415) 276-5212. > >One final comment: Here's the actual policy that you accuse us of "reneging" on. Read it closely. We have stuck to this. And, as I told you by phone, each person on the email list personally checked a box on sign up saying they would like to be send info and updates. Read this. Your assertions don't hold water. Please change them. > >--------- > >This is posted on HotWired: >Privacy Notice > Wired Digital Inc., the publisher of HotWired, is very sensitive to the issues of > electronic privacy. The information you enter here will be known to only two > parties: you and Wired Digital Inc. While we will strive to deliver context and > advertising that is specifically relevant to you, our pledge is that Wired Digital > Inc. will not release your personal data to anyone else - period. If others want > this information, including your name or your email address, only you can > choose to give it to them. > >-------------- > Andrew de Vries Director of Marketing Communications Wired Digital 415-276-8542 andrewd@wired.com home.wired.com

-- Andrew de Vries (andrewd@wired.com), January 30, 1998.

Louis Rossetto of Wired
"has no interest in talking about Paulina"
with the S.F. Bay Guardian

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), March 25, 1998.

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