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I purchased several rolls of Forte's B&W films in each of the available speeds: 100, 200 and 400. I've shot a roll of each speed and wondered if anybody else had tried these films to share opinions.

My experience with the 100 was unfavorable -- quite grainy (you'd swear it was a 400-speed film) and lacking in tonal range. The 200 was okay but still grainy. The 400 seemed to be the best of the lot, perhaps because it has two emulsion layers (one for the highlights and one for the shadows). Still grainy, but very nice tonal range.

Anybody else tried these films?

-- Rick Klein (, December 12, 1997


Forte materials

I have tried nearly every B&W film and paper available. So for what it's worth, here's my (obnoxious, ascerbic) opinion: Unfortunately, Forte materials are just not competitive in today's market. The quality is just not there. This would be tolerable if their products were priced for students or beginners, but they are similarly priced to the really good stuff. The film is just plain garbage and the papers, while many like them, is just too slow and inconsitent for professional use. (I support myself with a custom B&W business, so this is very important to me.) There are several 'emerging nations' competing for our business, but political correctness aside, there is just no point in wasting time or money on their materials. Kodak and Ilford products are so excellent and consistent that I don't believe small companies will ever be able to compete, at least in film and paper. My nod, again for what it's worth, goes to Ilford. I think they make the very finest film (Delta) and papers (MG IV) in the history of photography. If that sounds too strong, tough!

-- Michael D Fraser (, December 16, 1997.

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