What is a "Responsible Breeder?"

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We have a listing on the website of "Responsible Breeders" and, so far, have been listing anyone who sends a request to be listed. Should this group adopt a definition of, and a set of guidelines for, "Responsible Breeders"?

-- Ray (rr@primenet.com), December 09, 1997


-- anonymously answered, December 09, 1997

As can be seen in the current thread entitled Discussion:Breeding Protocol, I respectfully disagree with Paula's requirement that a responsible breeder must not stand or breed to an AA stallion, providing that the mares bred to such stallion are not obvious silver dapples (chocolate, red chocolate and yellow silver) and if not obvious silver dapples, have undergone eye examinations to determine that they are clear-eyed, and thus aa as well as we are able to determine at this time. Please note that the draft guidelines of the Genetics Committee do not preclude the breeding of AA stallions, only do not recommend it. I have not yet seen the final draft of the Genetic Protocol, but I am informed by Paula that AA mares would be able to continue to be bred indefinately, but AA stallions would be decertified for breeding after 1998. Assuming that to be true, I would also then respectfully disagree that a breeder who does not agree with that would not be responsible, for the reasons set forth in detail in the Discussion:Breeding Protocol thread.

-- Annette L. Gerhardt (gerhardt@sinosa.com), January 01, 1998.

Response to 'What is a Responsible Breeder?'

Karrol Lankford and I have been kicking this one around. And I believe, at least for now, that the most we can ascribe to the Responsible Breeder is one who provides full disclosure of ASD testing results.

-- Judy 'Alex' Hart (rr@primenet.com), January 02, 1998.

Response to "What is a Responsible Breeder?"`

That makes sense to me, since we do not yet have a consensus on any other points.

-- Annette L. Gerhardt (gerhardt@sinosa.com), January 02, 1998.

What is a Responsible Breeder

When I posted myself on the "Responsible Breeder List" I assumed that title indicated "one who would make full disclosure of status of horses regarding ASD". Beyond that information, a potential buyer should be able to make up his or her mind regarding a given horse.

-- DeeDee Golberg (golberg@jvlnet.com), January 03, 1998.

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