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It seems to me that the structure of organic organisations in Australia is lacking in overall design. If we were to start from scratch , what would be the ideal structure? I think we need two separate bodies.

1. We need an umbrella group that regional groups have input into that can handle political action and marketing / advertising campaigns. A front desk for media contacts and easy access and an established rallying point for urgent and more long term national planning. The range of philosophies that can fit under the organic banner is huge. That range wouldn't normally interfere with political action ( like lobbying for a domestic definition of organic) or marketing

2. One certification body that visibly applies the minimum standards and avoids all political, philosophical and commercial considerations. A cold efficient respectable body of dedicated responsible certifiers.

Organic minimum standards apply to all certifying bodies. . TROPO is by its name a regional group. We need to be affiliated with an umbrella group. ORGAA seems to be such a group. Regional groups are not ideally placed for political activity or marketing ventures and umbrella groups lack grass roots input.

There is an argument for competition regarding certification groups but no decent argument for competition regarding umbrella groups.

-- David Roby (, December 04, 1997


Structure of Organic Organisations.

I am a company looking to purchase supplies from Australian organic growers and I can tell you that it is nigh impossible to come up with a list of growers - and what they offer.

The way things are structured is VERY frustrating for anyone wanting to buy organically.

My understanding was that the Organic Federation of Australia was your peak body -at least that is how it is listed under the Canberra Growers site which is how I linked to this site.

If you are going to lobby for anything - it would be good to have a single register of growers stating your company name, email, phone, fax, hours of operation, what you grow and whether your wholesale, retail etc... You may generate more business that way.

Alternatively if this DOES exist somewhere I would really appreciate a point in the right direction.

-- Deborah Tunnicliff (, September 27, 2001.

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