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Have you had any experience using the 8/10 polaroid paper for transfers ? If so was it worth the cost. What methods have you used for enlarging the final images if using the 669 film packs.

As a follow-up question, are the large polaroid prints made from slides in the Daylab II printer good. Iam thinking of using this system for large prints as opposed to cibachrome prints that are so very expensive. Polaroid is unable and/are unwilling to provide me with a sample image done from a slide on the DaylabII.

-- john hoffman (jhoffman@madison.k12.wi.us), December 04, 1997


Response to polaroid transfers using the 8 by 10 polaroid paper.

I've done some 8x10s using the Daylab, tho' I am relative beginner with the 8x10 size (mainly because of cost of the film). As I haven't compared these prints with those made with color enlarger or the polaroid projector (don't know trade name), can't say anything about differences. But mine were o.k. -- showable and sellable. In a workshop I took with John Reuter, 8x10s were made with Daylab but many pros use the polaroid projector. I'm not inclined to go that way because there is very little flexibility about framing, like the vivitar machine for 669 film. good luck

-- Margery Franklin (mbfranklin@earthlink.net), January 03, 1999.

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