Tetenal film chemistry, any good?

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I want to experiment with some Tetenal film developers (neofin blue, ultrafin) Anyone has anyexperience with these? Good films to try on etc... Thank you in advance. E.

-- Evgeni Poptoshev (evgeni.poptoshev@surfchem.kth.se), December 04, 1997


Tetenal fikm chemistry, any good?"

I don't know what country you live in but in the U.S., these chemicals are rare. I have tried them only once and it was a disaster. They are liquid developers which I do not use, because they are never dated. Everything else in this country from frozen food to prescription drugs has an expiration date on it. If enough of us complained maybe the photographic industry would start dating chemical products. Anyway, neofin blue is similar to Rodinal giving high sharpness but with alot of grain. It is similar to the Beutler formula: Solution A. 750 ml water, 10 grams metol, 50 grams sodium sulfite, anhydrous. Solution B. 750 ml water, Sodium carbonate, monohydrated 50 grams. Mix one part a, one part b, to ten parts water. Developing times are seven to ten minutes, 68 degress. The Tetenal developers are excellent developers, but because they are rare in the U.S. I do not use them.

-- Kenneth Williams (loftacall@email.msn.com), April 29, 1998.

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