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Any plans on implementing this in a future version of S-mart? So a customer can enter they're ID and password and such, rather than all of their info?


-- Philip Freeman (, December 01, 1997


No immediate plans to implement one, unless someone wants to sponsor it. I need to finish up the tracking and Auctions script first.

-- Barry Robison (, December 01, 1997.

Hi there,

Im currently trying to use the script along side dbman, which will allow customer authentication.

Regards Mark

-- Mark priest (, September 13, 1999.

If you want to see S-mart being used along with dbman, visit: and choose the "enter" link.

My inventory of unique items is maintained on dbman. Dbman provides all search capability. Once you have hits on your search, the results are returned by dbman with embedded links. Those links once again call dbman and return an HTML page built on the fly by dbman to see the specific product.

The product page has the form inputs and the "Add to Cart" image that then calls S-mart. Works like a charm.

-- Roy Lingen (, September 17, 1999.

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