Looking for studies/surveys on people's behaviour in elevators

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I'm interested in any research done on people's behaviour in elevators, especially socialogical or psychological aspects.

-- Kim Fehr (kfehr@interlog.com), November 30, 1997


Reply to 'studies' question and a request.

My Request: Does anyone know anything about the best practise in elevators in very tall buildings? What technologies are used, and who uses them? I am, predicably, a college student, but I don't want you to do my work for me; any kind of lead would be great. Thanks.

My Help: "Elevator talk- obsevational study of inappropriate comments in a public space" American Journal of Medicine 1995 vol 99 no 2 pp 190-194 which I hope is useful. cheers Ken

-- Ken Edwards (K.A.Edwards@sussex.ac.uk), December 03, 1997.

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