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I'm taking a shot in the dark here and appreciate your patience in reading about my situation. My roommate and I have a mutual friend who was an avid collector of clowns (clay, porcelain, pluch, cloth, etc., etc.). This friend's mobile home burned to the ground last week destroying her collection. Too tore-up, the friend was unable to return to the home, but my roommate and I did. We collected all the clown remnants we could. The problem is the clowns were all either broken, melted, or charred. We've cleaned up some of the pieces, but I was wondering if you'd, by chance, have any ideas to share regarding the clean-up of such collectibles. We're replacing charred clothing on the characters, but are having problems with the most vital part - faces. Any ideas would be useful. Thank you again for your time. PS. We are looking to help Dana restart her clown collection, so if you of any extraordinary sources of clown collectibles: posters, dolls, etc. Please let us know. We want to do this as a Christmas surprise so the promptness of your response is appreciated. Thanks again!!!!

-- Loretta (, November 30, 1997

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