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I use 1.9.2 and (using an automated shop) dont't want to go to the shopping cart after adding an item to the cart but return to (stay at) the catalog page. That's why I set "useredirect=1". But using this I got the message that the script (smart.cgi) created a wrong http page / header. Anyone using this with success? I tried it with the big brothers (msie and nets. 4.x, latest versions).

-- Hans-Juergen Thiess (, November 30, 1997


I have also got some little problems with redirect, as I am not able to find out the correct value / name of the form

I am trying to get this running. By setting redirect to 1 I always come back to the same page from where I left. Maybe someone can help me. Thanks.

-- Lukas Pruppacher (, February 02, 1998.

I had the same problem. I think that it is because of buffersize limitation on some systems. In the add_item subroutine in smart.cgi you need to split the one long print value into 2 or three print lines. That or add another subroutine print_redirect (virtually same as print_header) and parse out a redirect.html file.

-- Marcin Zaranski (, July 05, 1998.

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