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I have tried both films, having better grain in TMAX but better general performance in ILFORD. Please tell me what is you experience and what developer and developing time you use.

-- Eduardo Katz (, November 22, 1997


HP5+ versus TMax 400 (TMY)

HP5+ is a very nice "traditional" style of film, while TMY is a sharper, finer-grained "modern" T-grain film. TMY is essentially a straight-line film, with no shoulder and a fairly short toe, while HP5+ has more of a toe and a shoulder.

Processed in Xtol, HP5+ and TMY both easily give a real film speed of 400. HP5+ will tolerate under-exposure somewhat more.

Me? HP5+ is very nice, but I vastly prefer TMY in Xtol.

Dana K6JQ Dana@Source.Net

-- Dana H. Myers (Dana@Source.Net), November 22, 1997.

Now you have to decide whether the better grain or better general performance fits your needs. Or, use both for different subjects. Be aware that the TMax will vary greatly if you are not a good and consistent film processor. Sloppy work will guarantee results that are not repeatable. It is a PRO film and is intolerant and unforgiving if you aren't shooting to tight standards. HP5+ is a lot like triX in that it is easy to work with. Both films will push very well to 3200 and points inbetween. Both work well. It is personal choice and how comfortable you feel with them.

-- Dan Smith (, November 23, 1997.

I've been using Ilford Delta 400 film and found it to have less grain than HP5+. It's also a lot more forgiving during processing then TMAX. I use Ilford ID-11 and am very pleased with the sharpness and grain(or lack there of) WITH the Delta films. But it all boils down to the type of image you want and what fits your needs.

-- (, December 26, 1997.

I love the grain of HP-5 . I've tryed work whith TMZ, and returned back for HP-5. I use HC-110 in "B" dillution, and the results are great ! I work in photo journalism, and use HP-5 for general pourposes.

-- Alexandre Milito (, April 24, 1999.

The title refers to 'FP5'. Eduardo, do you mean FP4 or HP5+?

When I used FP4, I developed in Paterson Aculux. HP5+ also goes in Aculux. I no longer use T-Max 400 (except for using up a few rolls occupying fridge space), as I prefer Delta 400, with Paterson FX39.

-- Alan Gibson (, April 26, 1999.

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