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did the mystery and the raven in the earth flee with the voice of slaughter?

does the pleasant land hold the fruit of deceit?

-- sean bonney (, November 21, 1997


what is the plot?

Say, this is completely off topic; but I'm curious if ANY of you offal-crusted Communards can tell me how Moorish Orthodoxy is any different from the ten or so other 'think-religions' cooked up by effete academics during the 60's and 70's? If the M.O.C. is an example of Ontological Anarchism, then why is it so fucking bland? Where is all the fun you promised me? The Mailing List Moorish was long-winded and boorish; more convulsant than deliriant. It's most interesting moments arrive when Nuwabian or Atlantean Moors subscribe in earnest only to find themselves castigated by white boys with heretical pseudonyms. One can jabber on and on about being 'on the bus' ontologically, but ask an Orthodox Moor where the bus is going! Saints preserve us! The more I examine this online 'crusade', the less I see the liberating and grotesque ecstasy described so eloquently by The Persian. What's revealed is the hesitation of these 'Moors' to actually fuck anything up or make anything happen. Also evident is a scarcity of group effort or 'community'. Of course, this is the internet; so what did I expect? Where are the criminal cabals. the fierce and drunken poets, the tongs of the deformed? They are not amongst the Moors as you see them here. ..and why not? I can't say, but I'll wager that their excesses and perversions keep them from contacting such mundane pedophiles as the Orthodox Moors. The 'Moors' are just too damn square. Do you think for one singular minute that Wm. Blake here, with his sensitive demeanor and typical suburban fascination with oblique Hermetica and alchemical empowerment would welcome a complementary subscription to some coprophiliac stroke mag? Wm. Blake here NEVER wants to be interviewed by Adam Parfrey or have sex with robots in a vat of pudding. Wm. Blake here will tell you all about Archetypes, but will never appeal to Eleggua. Moorishness of this stripe seems to gather great deconstructors of meaning, but seldom are there any architects. Better things to do, see you in hell - goddamn milk-babies!

-- Shaggy al-Carcosa (, March 12, 1998.

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